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 A year ago, in October 2018, Elaine Jeremiah was my guest here at My Jane Austen Book Club and we discussed time travel fiction, Jane Austen fanfiction and other Austen-related topics. The occasion was the release of her debut novel, Love Without Time. (Read the post HERE).

Today I'm thrilled to celebrate with you all the release of her second novel, By Time Divided, with a lovely excerpt and a double giveaway! 

About the book

Having accidentally time travelled to Regency England, Jane Austen fan Cassie Taylor finds herself unexpectedly back in the twenty-first century. But everything has changed. She’s been missing for three weeks and her parents are upset and disbelieving when she tells them where she’s been. The police aren’t too pleased either.

Cassie’s best friend Mia doubts the story, yet stands by her friend. And then the unthinkable happens when both of them end up in Regency England. Now Cassie has an even bigger problem: Mia is mixed race and they’re stuck in an era where the slave trade has only just been abolished. Cassie must somehow explain herself to her Regency friends – why she vanished and who her friend is. She also needs to find Ted, the love of her life.

How will Cassie manage to protect Mia from the insults of Regency people who see her as worthless? And how will she ever find a way for her and Ted and Mia to finally return home?

‘Love Without Time’ is available from here:

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It’s on Amazon UK here:

Read an excerpt

‘Miss Taylor?’ Lady Margaret’s sharp voice pierced my thoughts. ‘You did not hear my question, I take it?’
I set the ornate silver spoon I’d been using down in my now-empty glass dish. I could feel my face growing hot at Lady Margaret’s rudeness, but I swallowed my anger and kept my voice and expression neutral as I replied, ‘You must forgive me, Lady Margaret. Miss Armstrong and I have travelled far today and we are fatigued. If you would be so kind as to repeat your question, I should be most happy to answer it.’ I finished this elaborate reply with a sweet smile, concealing the sourness I truly felt towards her.
She pursed her lips and folded her ringed hands on the snowy-coloured table cloth. ‘I speak only of the pianoforte, Miss Taylor. I should like to hear it played this evening. Perhaps you would be so good as to oblige? I cannot imagine that your friend…’
‘I do not play, Lady Margaret,’ I interrupted her, unable to bear her prejudice a moment longer. ‘But Miss Armstrong is a true proficient and would be happy to play for you. Would you not, Maria?’ I asked her.
Mia looked up. Her face was flushed; she looked nervous, but she nodded. ‘I should be happy to, My Lady.’
Lady Margaret shifted on her seat, her expression dubious. ‘Very well, I suppose I cannot object seeing as Miss Taylor cannot play at all.’ To me she added, ‘I cannot understand why your friend here can play and you cannot? Why did your father and mother not ensure you were taught to play? It was very remiss of them.’
I only just managed to conceal a snort of laughter. ‘Very, My Lady,’ I agreed.
Lord Montague and Lady Margaret rose from the dinner table and Mia and I did likewise. As there were only the four of us, it seemed Lord Montague had decided to stay with us as he followed his wife across the vast hallway and into the inviting-looking, candlelit drawing room.
‘Miss Armstrong, if you would be so kind,’ Lord Montague said, gesturing to the beautifully carved and generous-sized mahogany pianoforte in the corner of the room.
‘Of course, My Lord,’ she replied and we sat down. Lord Montague, Lady Margaret and I turned as one and waited expectantly. Mia caught my eye. She looked scared and it occurred to me that she probably didn’t know any Regency music.
I watched as she took a deep breath, flexed her fingers and began to play, a lovely, wistful tune, her fingers light on the keys. Then she began to sing in her rich, melodic soprano, something about a lost love that I’d never heard before. She closed her eyes as she sang, becoming entirely immersed in the music.
Lord Montague and Lady Margaret seemed to recognise the song. He nodded along as Mia played; I was surprised that Lady Margaret was also completely engrossed as she watched her play. She looked lost in thought as she gazed at Mia, who was playing more skilfully than I’d ever heard her play before.
The song lasted some time and when Mia had played the final notes and turned to us, there was silence in the room. I could feel disbelief emanating from our hosts and felt a smile spread irresistibly across my face.
Then Lord Montague began to clap; jolted with surprise I joined in, then Lady Margaret, giving us a look that said she still disapproved of Mia, applauded with us. I found myself clapping so hard my hands hurt. Mia had done the two of us proud – and wowed Lord Montague and Lady Margaret in the process.

About the author

Elaine lives in Bristol, South West England with her husband and their golden retriever, Dug. But she was privileged enough to grow up in Jane Austen country, in Hampshire.

She’s always loved writing, but it’s only been in recent years that she’s been able to devote more time to it. She decided to self-publish with the help of her wonderful husband who’s very tech-savvy! In 2013 she self-published her first novel, but it was only with her fourth, her novel ‘Love Without Time’, that she felt she finally found her niche: Jane Austen Fan Fiction!

She’s always loved Jane Austen’s writing and the Regency era, so this felt like a natural thing for her to do. ‘Love Without Time’ is the first in a trilogy best described as a Jane Austen-inspired time travel romance. ‘By Time Divided’ is the second book in the trilogy.

If you want to connect with Elaine online, her Facebook page can be found here:

Her Twitter handle is: @ElaineJeremiah

Her website is here:





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