Saturday, 21 August 2010


Love triangle and Sensibility

Do you know that Emma Thomson nearly lost out to her fellow actress Kate Winslet in a love triangle with her now husband, Greg Wise?
The three actors were filming Sense and Sensibility16 years ago when Wise, who was then 28, was told by a fortune teller that he would meet his future wife on set. At the time Emma Thompson, who is 8 years senior, was still married to Kenneth Branagh, so Greg Wise thought it was better to persue 19-year-old Kate Winslet before eventually realising his attraction wa actually to Thomson.
After Emma Thomson's divorce from Branagh in 1995, she and Greg Wise got together. They married 7 years ago.

Winchester's Austen Exhibition

Winchester Cathedral, the final resting place of Jane Asuten, is hosting an exhibition dedicated to her lifeand work that runs until September 20. It includes items that have rarely, if ever, been displayed publicly before, including her burial register, first editions and fragments of her own writing.

P&P on Stage

A touring  production of Pride and Prejudice is visiting dozens of open-air venues around Britain this summer. Chapterhouse Theatre Company is taking the show, which has been adapted by Laura Turner, to many idyllic garden settings. Details at
Pride & Prejudice: the Musical was  instead staged in Chicago in February. It is written by Lindsey Warren Baker an
d Amanda Jacobs and featured in JARW n. 36
Number from the show can be heard on the musical's new website

A new Pride and Prejudice sequel, Charlotte Collins

Jennifer Becton decided to write a sequel to P&P but her heroine is neither Lizzie Bennet nor Mrs Darcy. Jennifer's heroine is instead Charlotte Lucas after her marriage with Mr Collins, hence CHARLOTTE COLLINS. I'm so curious to read this new book! It'll be released on 1 September. Jennifer Becton will be my guest next week on My Jane Austen  Book Club and we will  talk about her debut novel and Jane Austen's work. There will also be a giveaway. Stay tuned!


phylly3 said...

Very interesting.... a fortune teller, eh? How Rochester-like! They make a nice couple! I hope he reads to her (in bed)! :)


Reads? Why? Do you think she is too old to...ehm...sorry, sorry, sorry! That's my Red-Self coming out from timeto time!
Thanks Phylly. Have a nice weekend!

phylly3 said...

Ha! Ha! Noooo! I was referring to his Carte Noir readings:

Alexa Adams said...

Hi Maria! I have never heard of the S&S love triangle - what a romantic story (and of so very Austen)! I had not heard of the Charlotte Collins book before and look forward to your conversation with the author.

lunarossa said...

Thanks again, MG, for these bits of information, very entertaining. I saw Emma and Greg strolling in York pushing their daughter's pushchair. Our path crossed but I only recongized her from her voice when she had already passed, and as I had a screeming girl in her pushchair as well, I didn't dare to run after them...Baci. A.


You always surprise me, A. with your lucky encounters! I already envied you your interview with Mr Darcy in person! And now you say that you met Willoughby in person and didn't recognize him? I would have recognized HIM! ;-)They were strolling in York? Nice. Nice couple , indeed.

Avid Reader said...

I had no idea he tried to pursue Winslet first. How funny.