Tuesday, 19 October 2010


Last week Adriana Sales Zardini was my guest. Do you remember her guest post? Today it was my turn, I was her guest on JASBRA Blog. 
I wrote about ME & JANE AUSTEN and Adriana posted my text with some pictures in two parts.  I'm flattered and honoured. Many thanks, Adriana! It's such a pleasure to be part of this huge enthusiastic international community. And many thanks to "Auntie Jane" for being the reason and the inspiration of such enthusiasm!

I started like this ...

"When I was 14 I  hungrily read everything I found in  my relatives’ libraries : classics, children’s books, modern romances, history books, essays. I had been reading books since I was 8 and I still remember my first one was L. May Alcott’s Little Women. What I can’t forget is when I happened to read Pride and Prejudice. One of my aunts had given it to me saying, “Maybe you’ll find it a little boring”. Boring? I can still see my “little me”  identifying herself  with Elizabeth and experiencing her proud contempt for Mr Darcy, sympathy for Wickham, then her regret for her  wrong first impressions,  her acknowledging her affection and esteem for Mr Darcy little by little and,  finally,  her having the chance to marry him. It was so exciting!"

Go on reading if you wish ...

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