Wednesday, 17 November 2010


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Happy JA reading and watching to you all. Are you ready for another Talking Jane Austen with ...  session? It'll be tomorrow with a new guest post/ interview  and a new giveaway open worldwide. Did you like my latest chat with Janet Mullany? Have you left your comments and e-mail address for the giveaway? Good! Jane and the Damned or Bespelling Jane Austen maybe flying to you soon. Just wait on, till the end of this rather miscellaneous post to discover the names of the 2 winners...

So...I mentioned Austenesque videos in the title. I've actually re-watched them this afternoon, bumping onto them  searching other video materials on Utube.
The first one is an interview with screenwriter Andrew Davies about The Men and Women of Jane Austen. It is definitely interesting to listen to such an accomplished connoisseur while watching bits of our beloved series ( especially P&P 1995 and S&S 2008 ) Here it is !

The second video is the lovely presentation of one of my favourite Austenesque murder mysteries: Murder at Mansfield Park. It was a delightful reading! (see my review and my interview with Lynn Shepherd part I / part II)
In it, Lynn Shepherd herself talks about her novel and she is such a capable speecher ! Well done, Lynn! You could be a terrific TV presenter!
By the way, I love the cover that the Spanish publishers have chosen for this novel. Isn't it extremely pretty? Blood stains included! Have you ever been hooked by a book cover?

OK! Here's Lynn Shepherd introducing her Murder at Mansfield Park. She is at one of the P&P 2005 locations for this clip! Can you recognize it?

Last but not least, the most frequently clicked video on my Utube Channel ( where you find  a few scenes from Austen adaptations as well as  other costume series among lots of videos with my favourite actor, Richard Armitage )
It is one of my favourite proposal scenes from  Austen adaptations. It has been seen 109, 719 times so far and there are lots of comments too. Well, I contributed to increase the number myself !What about re-watching it? Jonny Lee Miller and Romola Garai as Mr Knightley and Emma (2009) ...


Time to stop now! I must announce the giveaway winners of Jane and the Damned or Bespelling Jane Austen by Janet Mullany.

The winner of Bespelling Jane Austen is Audra while the winner of Jane and the Damned is MsRobinson!!! Congratulations!!! Enjoy reading! MG

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Thank you so much -- I'm so excited!