Thursday, 28 February 2013


Every time I find a packet waiting for me in the mail box, I got excited, long to unwrap it and to discover its content. You may well figure the scene out thinking of a child eagerly waiting to open up his Christmas gifts. 
 If the packet happens to come  from abroad and it seems to contain a new book, I'm doubly excited and long even more to discover its content. 
I happen to have a few very good, generous friends, blogomates, readers who from time to time make me very, very happy with little (or big!) unexpected gifts.  They are so kind to me, they make me feel special,  but I'm not sure to deserve all their generosity. I'm always so terribly busy trying to keep my 3 blogs going, coping with school work, and with my many other chores,  that I feel I must sound rather distracted, distant, if not rude or ungrateful. 
This is why I wanted to thank these very special, very generous friends publicly and to share with you the joy of receiving these incredible gifts I'll  really treasure.

A few days ago I received this beautiful, precious book, which  I immediately added to my Austen shelves, from Charlotte Frost, author of an interesting biography of  Sir William Knighton (check it out HERE). As you can see,  it is an illustrated guide, filled with anecdotes and information, to the most interesting historical and artistic sites in Hampshire

Today I got a new gift from the UK! My friend Antonella G. Sands,  who is Italian but lives in charmingYork,  bought two wonderful sets of stamps from the Royal Mail for me. How can I possibly  reciprocate so much kindness? I am thankful,  flattered, and a bit embarassed!

The first set was dedicated to Charles Dickens (1812 - 1870) on occasion of his 200th birthday anniversary in 2012, the other one has been just released on occasion of the 200th anniversary of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice (published in January 1813). 

I took some pictures and put them together in two collages. The quality of the images is not high, but I hope you can have at least a glimpse of how cute they are!

Charles Dickens Royal Mail Stamps
My precioussss ... Jane Austen Stamps!
You see? I have very special friends who know how to make me happy. They spoil me, even! Thank you very much indeed, Antonella and Charlotte. God bless you !


Lúthien84 said...

You are indeed blessed, Maria, to have such wonderful friends. If I have some of the friends that you have who send me gifts, I'll be very pleased too.

Maria Grazia said...

Thanks, Luthien84! Then I also have so many kind people (like you!) supporting me and appreciating my little corner of the blogosphere from so many different places in the world, that I really feel blessed.

aurora said...

You are really lucky to have such thoughtful and generous friends. I am definitely enjoying your blogs whenever I am here. Thank you for that too.

Maria Grazia said...

And you'll always be welcome, Aurora, any time you want to drop by and read!