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Resolved to forget Elizabeth Bennet during a winter in London, Fitzwilliam Darcy writes a letter in bitterness of spirit. Frustrated by her growing obsession with the arrogant man, Elizabeth commits her thoughts to paper. But angry people are not always wise, and secret thoughts do not always remain secret. Compelled to face their selfishness and fears, their actions encourage those dearest to them to change as well.
December 10, 1811
Darcy House, London
8:30 am
Fitzwilliam Darcy tore through the contents of his desk drawer again. I must find it! He lifted every single piece of correspondence from his letter tray. His usual fastidious standards did not help today, as there seemed no hope of finding the object of his search. 
The letter was not on or in his desk, or among his personal files. He considered he may have burned it after all, but soon rejected the notion. His earlier drafts were crumpled and in the waste bin. Surely if he would have burned the final product, he would have burnt all the evidence. He could only face the truth and the likely consequences of his actions. The letter he had written to Miss Elizabeth Bennet the night before had vanished!
He called for his butler, who confirmed several letters were sent out last night in the last post. In an agitated manner he interrogated the housemaid who had tidied the room before he had arisen for the day. He decreed to his housekeeper that she alone was to clean the room henceforth, and only at his request.  Additionally, all outgoing mail would be placed by him alone into the hands of the butler since obviously other members of his staff were too incompetent to carry out the task. If they had not served his family faithfully since before he was breeched, he would have reprimanded their mild look of censure; as it was, he knew he would be apologizing for his ungentlemanly display sooner rather than later.
Darcy dismissed them and slumped into his chair, pinching the bridge of his nose. How could this have happened? No, now was not the time to ask questions. He needed to make plans.  
Yes, he needed a new plan.  Darcy knew how to make arrangements and carry them through with authority. Groomed as a child to be the landlord and master of a vast estate, complete with wealth, smaller holdings, and many investments, forethought was fundamental to good order.  However, he loathed admitting the truth to himself; his contrivances caused this very problem. As a Naval acquaintance had once told him, one could be too clever for one’s own good. 
Yes, Wentworth, I have been truly hoisted by my own petard: my very need to control and plan my future has, inexorably, resulted in the elimination of any freedom of choice: there was now only one honourable way forward. 
There could be no more excuses or dissemblance, which he found strangely comforting; instead, he must plan to present matters in the most positive light.  He thought back to how it had all came-to-pass the night before.
About the author

 Rose Fairbanks has had a life long passionate love of history and has been writing historical fiction since she was ten years old.

Twelve years ago she fell in love with Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy Coincidentally, or perhaps not, she also met her real life Mr. Darcy twelve years ago.  They had their series of missteps, just like Elizabeth and Darcy, but are now teaching the admiring multitude what happiness in marriage really looks like and have been blessed with two children, a three year old son and a one year old daughter.
She proudly admits to her Darcy obsession, addictions to reading, chocolate and sweet tea, is always in the mood for a good debate and dearly loves to laugh.
You can also connect with Rose on Facebook and Twitter.  
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Vesper Meikle said...

so efficient staff who send your letters can really get yourself into trouble

Anji said...

Oh dear! What has he got himself into? Shouldn't leave private mail lying around, FD, especially if you're not intending to send it!

Hope the apologies to the staff are good ones.

Anji said...

And did I see a mention of our favourite naval captain there, too? I just love that sort of thing!

dstoutholcomb said...

sounds intriguing!

BookLuver88 said...

Good reference to one of my favorite heros Wentworth!

Wendy Norris Roberts said...

Thanks for the giveaway!

Birdhouse Books said...

This sounds like such a good read! The excerpt made me want to read more.

Rose Fairbanks said...

Thanks for all comments and interest! That nod to Wentworth actually was suggested by a beta. If you read my guest post on a different blog then you'll see why I love my betas so much! Good luck in the giveaway, everyone! Thanks for having me Maria!

Dung Vu said...

Oh My, what letter did he leave laying around and who is going to receive an unexpected letter from him...

Love the nod to Cpt Wentworth!

Thanks for the giveaway as well! Looking forward to reading this book!