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I love musicals and theatrical performances. I go to the theatre as often as I can, which is not that often considered that I live in a very small town in the centre of Italy with no cinemas and no theatres. When I read or post about Austen inspired stage shows I'm really jealous of those lucky audiences who will have the chance to enjoys those performances in the UK or the US. 

What I want to share with all of you, dear readers, is that I've just discovered and watched Emma the Musical on  and was in touch with the company who offered a discount code for myself and all My Jane Austen Book Club readers to see Emma the Musical streaming online! I watched it. I loved it and I wanted to give you a chance for us to talk about it after you watch. Here's more about it and how you can order it (for about the price of a latte).

Streaming Musicals is a brand new concept that allows to mount and capture musicals and bring them across the globe to people who love musicals and don't have access, just like myself (and many, many others)  They share their profits with the artists who make the films, which is an unprecedented model for the industry. 

Let's have a look at a one-minute trailer of the show!

Cool, isn't it? Doesn't it sound a promising,  brilliant show? And it is! EMMA, the timeless story from our beloved Jane Austen has become a stage musical and then a film that will entice audiences to fall in love again with a unique heroine like Emma Woodhouse.  Paul Gordon’s critically acclaimed stage adaptation re-imagines the Austen’s classic in mid-century modern yet keeps the language and the plot intact. Once you've seen the film, if you decide to buy it, let me know and I can also get you access to more info about the cast, the process, and behind the scenes videos. They have really invited you, My Jane Austen Book Club,  into their world. 

CASTKelli Barrett (Emma Woodhouse)Timothy Gulan (Mr. Knightley)Dani Marcus (Harriet Smith)Lauren Cohn (Miss Bates)Brian Herndon (Mr. Elton)Richert Easley (Mr. Woodhouse)Sharon Reitkerk (Jane Fairfax)Will Reynolds (Frank Churchill)Adam Daveline (Robert Martin)Don Richard (Mr. Weston)Pamela Winslow Kashani (Mrs. Weston)Caitlin Brooke (Mrs. Elton / Mrs. Bates / Katherine Martin)

If you want to try it yourself, 

here's how to watch Emma the Musical:

Use CODE: BOOKCLUB25 for our own special 25% off the film!

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