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Why would a modern woman want to find a man who, at first glance, appears to be both arrogant and aloof, not to mention condescending?  Only after knowing him for more than a year did Elizabeth Bennet discover the “real” Mister Darcy under the cold and intimidating mask he showed to society. Dear Reader, if you finished the book, you know that Mister Darcy’s true nature made him the good husband material that Mrs. Bennet hoped to find for all of her daughters. In short, he “had much to recommend him”.  (If you didn’t finish “Pride and Prejudice”, you will find a short summary of it at the end “Finding Mister Darcy”.

Jane Austen’s works are almost two hundred years old.  Although the clothing and language are changed, her advice still rings true.  And her works are still serving as the basis for countless new novels and movies.  It seems human nature and the workings of society remain the same no matter how much their appearance differs. 

Perhaps one of the reasons that Austen’s advice remains so timeless is because her writing did not strictly conform to any one period.  She lived and wrote during the Regency Period — generally consideredbetween 1800 and 1820 when the regency ended and George IV was crowned king.  Yet, her writing did not center on the debauchery that characterized that period.  Her characters and style were more reflective of the Victorian period in many ways, although the Victorian period did not “officially” begin until after Austen’s death.

Jane Austen’s novels were not widely read until after their introduction in literature courses in the mid-20th century.  One of the reasons for this delay in being included in literature classes is that Austen’s writing does not fit stylistically into its chronological era.  Critics have classified her work as Regency, Victorian, slice of life, etc.  My personal opinion (as a reader, not a scholar) is that Jane wrote in a Victorian style during the Regency era – she was simply a woman ahead of her time.

From “Every man is surrounded by a neighborhood of voluntary spies” (yes, google him and maybe even do a background check) to “Anything is to be preferred or endured rather than marrying without affection”, Jane’s words still ring true today.Today’s “reverse “commuting” to meet eligible men in the suburbs is just the modern interpretation of attending Austen’s “country party” or “assembly”. 

“Finding Mister Darcy: Jane Austen’s Rules for Love” gives modern women 25 of  Jane Austen’s timeless rules for finding and keeping a relationship based on mutual attraction, interest, and respect.  These common-sense “do’s and don’ts” are just as relevant today as they were when Austen wrote “Pride and Prejudice”. 

The one factor that remains the “x” in the equation of finding love is each woman’s definition of her “Mister Darcy.”  Indeed, one woman’s “Mister Darcy” may very well be another woman’s “Mister Collins” or “Wickham”.  It is up to each of us to define what makes a man our “Darcy” and then decide how to find and attract him.

“Finding Mister Darcy” offers 25 bits of wisdom from our beloved Jane Austen and suggestions on how her words can be incorporated in finding love in modern times.  It is neither a scholarly work nor a dating service.  Will this book guarantee you a “happily ever after” with your Mister Darcy? 

There are no guarantees in life.  This book is meant to entertain, let you enjoy some of Jane’s timeless wisdom, and open your mind to new possibilities.  It’s up to you to define and meet your own “Darcy”. 

“Finding Mister Darcy” also contains book club readers’ discussion and questions, a short biography of Jane Austen, a readers’ guide to Pride and Prejudice, and lists of television, movies, and books based on Austen’s works.

You can purchase “Finding Mister Darcy: Jane Austen’s Rules for Love” at .  If you do not own a Kindle, you can download the “Kindle Application for your PC or MAC for free from  If you are an “Amazon Prime” member, you can “borrow” the book for free from the Kindle Library.

Sandy Hayden

The author

An avid Jane Austen fan, author Sandy Hayden has degrees in sociology (with a concentration in marriage and family) and mass communicationsas well as the practical experience of a successful marriage. She combines Jane Austen’s classic observations with a practical, easy to follow, “how-to” approach to love and relationships in the context of the “real world” today’s women live in. Austenenthusiasts will enjoy finding ways to use their beloved Jane’s advice in their everyday lives.
“Finding Mister Darcy” is the perfect gift for the Austen fan in your life.As always, Hayden’s writing gives you the knowledge you need along with her trademark light-hearted style. Embrace your inner “Elizabeth Bennet”, hie yourself to the closest local assembly, and be ready to become the love of Mister Darcy’s life and the mistress of Pemberley.

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