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Jane Austen's House Museum, Chawton
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Reading the classic novels by one of the greats such as Jane Austen can inspire you to decorate your own room, or home in a style Jane herself would adore. Falling in love with the old English style is one thing, but achieving the look for your own is another. We’ve found some tips and tricks that can help you achieve the perfect Jane Austen inspired room.

When you begin designing the Jane Austen themed room you will need to take a look at every aspect of the room. Each detail, great and small, can affect the overall look and feel of the room. No matter where you decide to begin,  everything from floor to ceiling should be taken into consideration.


Creating the right ambiance in your room can be achieved by simply choosing the perfect wallpaper. While there are bounds of wallpaper available on the market, stick with something that suits your personality as well as the overall theme.
Go for bright and bold type prints. In addition, be careful to avoid the ‘old lady’ style prints as these will prevent you from getting your perfect look.


A Jane Austen inspired room just begs to have the soft look of neutral curtains. Shop around until you find exactly what you are looking for. Neutral is best because no matter what the rest of the room looks like, the neutral color of the curtains will match. Similarly, the neutrals will give the room a calm, clean feel.
Curtains made from lacey style material, or one with many ruffles give the feminine touch. Just be sure that your curtains are long, flowing, and allow for some light to peer through.

Wall Decorations

Hanging wall décor is one of the most fun parts of decorating your room. Of course, maintain any photos you love, but change the frame to match or complement the wall paper. Or how about getting a copy of the map of Bath? This alone will really tie together the theme of Jane Austen really well.
Besides that, you can hang a few small decorative mirrors or even some paintings.

Bedding and Bedframes

The linens you choose should be fluffy, soft, and nothing more than luxurious. At the end of each day you should sink into your bed feeling like you are sleeping on a cloud. As for the pattern, bold is the way to go. Don’t worry too much about clashing with your wall paper, just stick to common color schemes so they can complement each other.
However, if you do prefer to stay matching within your theme, go for a pattern that is more muted. This will help keep everything in your room tied together without too much effort.
As for your actual bed frame, ornate and lavish should be the styles you search for. Iron framed with spiral patterns gives the theme a classic look. You could also choose a dark stained wooden bed frame that offers more simplicity.


A comfortable seating area is an absolute must have if you are striving for a Jane Austen themed room. Choose a small breakfast table with two adorable chairs to place near your window or in a cozy corner. You could also search for an overstuffed small love seat to read more of your favorites by Jane Austen. No matter which route you go, make sure you include this little extra bit of furniture so you can drink tea, write in your journal, or enjoy another book.


Once you’ve discovered all the major pieces for your room, it’s time to add in the little touches. Candles, antique tea cups or tea sets, or a small throw rug can be the cherry on top that make your Jane Austen inspired room just perfect.
Of course, it is an absolute must to include Jane Austen’s novels. Insert a wall shelf or special place in the room dedicated to the great works themselves.

Now that you have a few tips and tricks on choosing the best décor for a Jane Austen inspired room, you can begin to put your plans into action. Who knows, the room you design might actually make the great author herself a bit jealous.

About the author

Paula  is a young mom of one lovely daughter and successful freelance writer at In addition, she is writing, reading, and healthy lifestyle addicted. She always keeps herself busy with challenging tasks and really enjoys conducting researches in order to provide readers with fascinating articles. She is an avid book reader and Jane Austen is her favorite author. You are welcome to follow her on Facebook


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