Tuesday, 28 February 2017


Fans of Jane Austen will recognise the players and the setting – Mansfield Park has been telling the story of Fanny Price and her happily ever after for more than 200 years. But behind the scenes of Mansfield Park, there’s another story to be told. Mary Crawford’s story.

When her widowed uncle made her home untenable, Mary made the best of things by going to live with her elder sister, Mrs Grant, in a parson’s house the country. Mansfield Parsonage was more than Mary had expected and better than she could have hoped. Gregarious and personable, Mary also embraced the inhabitants of the nearby Mansfield Park, watching the ladies set their caps for her dashing brother, Henry Crawford, and developing an attachment to Edmund Bertram and a profound affection for his cousin, Fanny Price.

Mansfield Parsonage retells the story of Mansfield Park from the perspective of Mary Crawford’s hopes and aspirations and shows how Fanny Price’s happily-ever-after came at Mary’s expense.
Or did it?

Praise for the book

This book captures Austen’s voice with a fascinating point of view."” – Maria Grace, Author of "Courtship and Marriage in Jane Austen’s World"

Kyra Kramer delights with her cheeky take on one of Austen’s most misunderstood characters. Through sharp observation and a talent for turn of phrase, Kramer polishes Mary Crawford into the bright jewel she truly is. By the end, you’ll be wondering why the original wasn’t written from her perspective all along. This is Regency Era at its finest. Mansfield Parsonage, a true source of felicity!– Adrienne Dillard, Author of "Cor Rotto"

A new retelling of Mansfield Park! That sounds intriguing, doesn't it? Kyra C. Kramer has recorded a special presentation and discussion of her Mansfield Parsonage exclusively for My Jane Austen Book Club. Listen to her in the video below and join the discussion in the comment section. Click and enjoy!

Kyra Kramer is a medical anthropologist, historian, and devoted bibliophile who lives just outside Cardiff, Wales with her handsome husband and three wonderful young daughters. She has a deep - nearly obsessive - love for Regency Period romances in general and Jane Austen's work in particular. Ms. Kramer has authored several history books and academic essays, but this is her first foray into fictional writing.

Website: kyrackramer.com
Twitter: @kyrakramer
Facebook: www.facebook.com/KyraCorneliusKramer/

There's also a giveaway contest to win a copy of the book worldwide. 
Take your chances and ... good luck,  everyone!

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Gigi Ann said...

I've always been a Fannie fan and loved that she lived happily ever after.

J Dawn King said...

I can't wait to read this. Thanks for posting, Maria.

Your video was delightful. I must say, your accent surprised me for being from Wales.

Please do not enter me in the giveaway as I'm off to "buy with one click".

Best wishes!

Kyra Kramer said...

I know the book won't be as delightful to Team Fanny, but I promise I remained faithful to the Story and Fanny still lives very much happily ever after! Also, I am American, but we relocated to Wales last year. Love it here!!

Vesper Meikle said...

Interesting to read about Mary's thoughts

darcybennett said...

Great video and interesting premise. I've never read a Mansfield Park variation so I'm interested in giving this one a go.

bn100 said...

looks interesting

Kyra Kramer said...

I hope you enjoy the book :)

KateB said...

I would love to read Mary Crawford's POV, it looks like an interesting premise. Thanks for the giveaway. :)

Anji said...

I've always been a bit ambivalent about Fanny Price and last year, when I listened to Juliet Stevenson's wonderful narration of Mansfield Park, I found myself wanting to give Fanny a kick up the backside on more than one occasion. As I listen to my audiobooks whilst driving to work, that would be quite a difficult task!

Now when it comes to Mary Crawford, I found my feelings ambivalent again. Previously, I'd always hated her but now I can see things more from her point of view. Maybe not quite so much as you say in your video, Kyra, but definitely there's a thaw going on here.

By the way, as you now live in the UK, did you know that tomorrow, Sunday 5th and next Sunday 12th, the TV channel Drama is re-showing the 1983 dramatisation of Mansfield Park. I remember seeing it when it was first broadcast but haven't seen it since so it'll be interesting to see if it stands the test of time.