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Guest Post - Barbara Tiller Cole: Party Like It’s Austen Regency Time At the Upcoming Decatur Book Festival: Now With 28 Authors Participating 

Barbara Tiller Cole, Austen-inpired author and Lady Host at Darcyholic Diversions, is here to present a great upcoming event to My Jane Austen Book Club readers. If you don't live far, you might even be interested in taking part in it. If only I didn't live in Italy! This would be a fabulous occasion to meet our favourite authors and bloggers. Read more and if you can, don't miss the chance to be there!

What happens when an independent Austen-inspired author and a rapid Austen fan join forces? The Jane Austen: Then and Now events at the upcoming Decatur Book Festival Labor Day weekend, that’s what—now with 28 authors participating as of today as Laurel Ann Nattress is joining us! It has been a joy to be the Author Liaison and Program Chairman for the upcoming event, working along the side of the Event Chairman, Jan Ashe.

Decatur (Georgia) Old Courthouse Square serves as the location for the events, September 1 and 2, 2012; 10-6 Saturday and 12-6 Sunday. But the festival is only half of it!  Social events abound!

Friday night dinner will be at the Emory Conference Center in their restaurant on the level immediately below registration.  Most likely we will have a buffet, but a head count is needed so email if you wish to join us. The food at the hotel is great or we would not be planning on hosting you there!  Dinner will be at approximately 7 pm, but a final time will be announced once we get an approximate headcount. If you won’t know for sure till the day of, no worries just come down and join us.  This is a pay on your own event, and the restaurant is very large, so let your friends know that they can come as well.  One of the reasons we are hoping for a buffet is that if you are coming in later than our gathering time, there will be no problem with your joining us later.  


There is a lovely gathering area in the lobby at the Emory Conference Center, one in the lounge on the main level and one outside on the main level.  We will gather to chat and visit after dinner till ?  Local Austen fans, friends who are coming in town for this event, and JASNA members are most welcome to come and visit with all of us!


JASNA is hosting a dinner for us on Saturday evening. The location will be right behind our tents at Core Studio from 7-9 pm.  This is not long after the ‘main stage’ presentation by Regina, Abigail and William.  The event is a thank you to the authors that are participating, but with an RSVP you may join for a $10 contribution. if you are interested in attending.

After dinner, any that are not exhausted will be welcome to gather and visit in the lobby and lounge areas at the Emory Conference Center.  This is a come one, come all event.  NO need to let us know ahead of time how many people will be joining you!  So if friends drop by the festival feel free to ask them to come by.

We will gather Sunday morning for brunch at the Emory Conference Center, most likely at 10 am, indicate when you  RSVP for Friday and/or Saturday if you are interested in attending. We want to be sure that they have enough food for us!

If you are staying over on Sunday night, and I know that many of you are as the event is not over until 6 pm, we will be gathering and car pooling as a group to an local restaurant to give you a taste of Southern Cuisine.  This likely may be at Mary Mac’s Tea Room, but the final plans for this will be set after we determine who would like to join us.  We will most likely depart from Emory Conference Center at approximately 7 pm.

Nine independent and nineteen traditionally published authors are participating with seven of those come from small independent presses.  Sixteen will on site and twelve will be participating remotely.  Three are non-fiction authors with the remainder being fiction authors. 
Abigail Reynolds, Regina Jeffers, Jack Caldwell, Maria Grace, Barbara Tiller Cole, Karen M. Cox, Jennifer Petkus, William Deresiewicz, RobinHelm, AmyCecil, Colette Saucier, Laura Dabundo, Pamela Aidan, Cynthia Hensley, KaraLynneMackrory and Katie Baxley will all be there in person. Sally SmithO'Rourke, Linda Wells, Laura Hile, Shannon Winslow, Lory Lilian, Susan Mason-MilksAmanda Grange, Sharon Lathan, JanHahn, Marsha Altman, Lori Smith and now Laurel Ann Nattress will be participating remotely.  Our remote authors will have a proxy site in for them to do book readings and affix pre-signed bookplates to their books after purchase!

Can’t come to the Decatur Book Festival?  Watch Darcyholic Diversions for special post event posts about the event.  And, plan now to take a part in the upcoming Holiday eBook Festival, also at beginning Thanksgiving through the end of the year!

Barbara Tille Cole

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