Monday, 10 December 2012


Today I'm guest blogger at Krista's Book Review Club on her December event dedicated to Jane Austen. My post is ME, JANE AND HER BAD BOYS. You know, I've got a weakness for Austen handsome scoundrels ... CLICK HERE and join me at Krista's blog.

"When I first met Jane…  I got everything wrong.I was 14 and reading Pride and Prejudice for the first time I hit it off with George Wickham (OMG!) . So I  got quite angry with Jane for making him a villain. OK, Mr Darcy was a great catch for Lizzy, that’s undeniable,  but why couldn’t Jane let her at least meet George Wickham at Netherfield and dance with him, flirt a bit  and then marry her well-off,  dashing baronet?  Closing the book at the words THE END , my disappointment was not completely over yet.Then I read Sense and Sensibility and I  was mesmerized by John Willoughby’s  romantic charm and passionate ways.  Again, Jane had played a trick on me: he was the villain in the novel . Once the two  heroines were in London,  I happened to be extremely disappointed  like Marianne.  Of course, I didn’t risk my life and I even kind of accepted the excuses he alleged to Elinor while Marianne is very ill.  I so wanted Willoughby to be my hero! Jane must have laughed a lot at my naivety". (...)


Sophia Rose said...

I enjoyed your post. LOL! Have to say that I wasn't very enamored with the bad boys with maybe the exception of Willoughby until I found out about what he did with Col. Brandon's ward.

Thanks for the fun posting!

Maria Grazia said...

Thanks a lot, Sophia Rose for commenting my post twice, here and at Krista's. I don't know what's wrong with me. How can I defend myself from bad boys if I very often like them? ;-) There must be something wrong with me ...