Wednesday, 4 January 2012


As I announced few days ago, I'm taking part in an event/contest at Lynn Shepherd's site: The #AustenMurderMatch. I've read  Murder at Mansfield Park and Death Comes To Pemberley and this was definitely pre-requisite to enter the contest, which consisted in writing a matched review of both novels in no more than 150 words.
Here is mine. It is up at Lynn Shepherd's site, too. CLICK HERE and enjoy all the reviews there. And above all, read these two gripping murder mystery novels inspired to Austen,  if you haven't yet!

“Murder at Mansfield Park takes Austen’s masterpiece and turns it into a riveting murder story worthy of PD James or Agatha Christie”. This is what I wrote reviewing Lynn Shepherd’s first novel on My Jane Austen Book Club when it was published. I didn’t imagine I would really read an Austen murder story written by PD James herself!  
Now that I’ve just finished reading her successful new sequel to Pride and Prejudice -  which is brilliant,  how could it not? -  I may say I was right. In fact, “Murder at Mansfield Park” and “Death Comes to Pemberley” are excellent examples of well-written Austen fan fiction and brilliantly crafted detective stories. Lynn Shepherd is a rising star and P.D. James a well-established one in the writing firmament, but I’m sure that, if Jane Austen would have turned to murder tales,  she might have written something like their stories.
A proper review of PD James's new Austen mystery is coming soon. Meanwhile you can read a presentation of the book HERE. You can instead read my review of Murder at Mansfield Park  HERE

By the way, There's still time to join in the fun at the 


Anne Shirley said...

About the new portrait of Jane Austen: Hi, me again =).
I'm watching the programme! ... and I'm thinking: what about the silhouette of Jane Austen??? Is it real? And if it is so, it isn't show a picky nose. Ahhh!!! I don't know. I'm desperate =)

Anne Shirley said...

*it doesn't show...

Anne Shirley said...

Besides that, this "new J.A." has sad eyes. If we see her brothers and her father pictures, these eyes are not familiar. In the video, I mean, in the programme women talk about the familiarity of her nose, but a %90 of English people have that nose! =)


I think the charm of this mystery lies just in the fact that that might but also might not be Jane's portrait. It must be proved. I'm intrigued by the investigation. Thanks for your interest and your comments, Anne.