Sunday, 4 March 2012



One of the most popular Italian women's magazine, Donna Moderna, is going to feature one of Jane Austen's six major novels each week.
Starting with Persuasione -  Persuasion, of course -  on March 8th , Italian Janeites will get also a nice box to contain their new collection at the cost of 6.90 euros. Then, week after week, Orgoglio e pregiudizio (Pride and Prejudice) on March 15th, Emma on March 22nd, Ragione e Sentimento (Sense and Sensibility) on March 29th, Mansfield Park on April 5th e L'abbazia di Northanger (Northanger Abbey) on April 12th. This is the new look for our beloved classics.


Riccione - March 16th-18th - "When Emma met Darcy"
Regency Dance Workshop
+ Final Ball 

The event is organized by "Il Club Sofa and Carpet di Jane Austen"


In February Goen released EMMA
by  Yoko Hanabusa, Jane Austen

ISBN 978-88-97349-89-1
13×18, B, 208 pp, w/b
€ 5,95
Target : Adult readers
Genre: novel
Type: Josei
Drawn by Yoko Hanabusa ( the artist of  Lady!! – Milly),  a modern graphic version of Jane Austen masterpiece for Italian readers, first of a series dedicated to the great English writer. 


Laurel Ann (Austenprose) said...

Wish I lived in Italy Maria. You get stuff us Yanks do not, and, I like your scenery and climate much better. Must visit soon.

Cheers, LA

P.S. I secretly want to visit to meet you!

Maria Grazia said...

Whenever you want, Laurel Ann. Meeting you would be very nice :-)
Have a nice Sunday! MG

Maria Grace said...

The manga version looks so interesting. My sons read some mangas and I think they would get a total kick out of this!

Maria Grace

Maria Grazia said...

It is meant to attract teenage romantic girls. Let's hope they will want to read the original version after that!
Thanks for your comment, Maria.

Rebecca butler said...

This sounds adorable. Any Jane excitement is good... I'm heading to Rome this Friday for my 8th visit to Italy, I belong to a Boston based Jane Austen book club, Austen in Boston. Do you ever have meetings or meet for tea and have events? Are you in Rome or elsewhere? Sorry I couldn't get much info through my phone... Rebecca butler

vonze said...

I wasn't familiar with Yoko Hanabusa before your post, but I really want to check out her work now!

Maria Grazia said...

Dear @Rebecca,
I was in Rome just yesterday and ... I had tea with friends but not all of them are Janeites. I actually don't know many in real life and don't have a club. This one on line is my occasion to share and enjoy. I live in the mountains near Rome and go there from time to time for different reasons, especially to meet friends and in my leisure time. I hope you'll have a good time once you're here. Springtime, warm weather and sunshine are waiting for you!(I hope it won't change!)
Dear @vonze,
it's always a pleasure to be of some help. I hope you'll enjoy your newly discovered author's work!