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Sabbio is a French talented painter whose work, which travel to clients homes all over the world and is frequently exhibited, is centered on Feminity. She wishes to show women differents aspects, phases, delicacies, strength and weaknesses as well as their importance,symbolism and deep links with Nature. She presently holds an exhibition in the South of France, from February to April, entitled "Feminities".

But painting is not her only passion, in addition to being a cinephile Sabbio has also been a booklover since her childhood so this is quite naturally that she just began painting a literary series. 

It is when aged 19 that she discovered Jane Austen and her wonderful, subtle novels... that was a total revelation (that is when she became a true Janeite!) to her which she prolonged by watching, that same year (1998), "Pride and Prejudice", the famous 1995 BBC version!

She begins her literary series with this "Lizzie Bennet-Darcy" piece for a commission work. A piece to praise Elizabeth Bennet's beauty, sweetness, delicacy and intelligence! More Austenian pieces (heroines or couples) to come through next weeks, from her personal idea or commissions.

Lizzie Bennet - Darcy
Sabbio, who generally paints from 11.81" inches high to 32" inches high pieces (circular, oval, rectangular and square), shipping them internationally, is offering you, fellow Janeites, her "best clients offer", for you to be offered, to offer yourself or another Janeite a painting of your favorite Austenian characters, someone you know or yourself in an Austenian style or any other painting you would love : 

20 % off her paintings (existing or your commissions) up to 19.50" high and 30 % off those from 19.68" high and higher. She will communicate her rates through mail when asked but,for indicative purposes, Lizzie (11.81" of diameter, 30 cm) was sold 180,00 € (234 $) and a 15.74 x 19.68" (40x50 cm) is 400,00 € (521,00 $)... these are the rates before your offer (which can be used several times) is applied.

Her e-mail for any question and commissions : duhautdemoncannelier(at)
Her blog (posts in French and English) :

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