Monday, 12 March 2012


The Bennet sisters in the Marvel edition
I like the idea of popularizing classics through graphic versions. For children, young adults, teenagers and fans of the genre of any age they may be a great chance to discover old classic authors and texts.
I guess you may have already seen or read the 5  Issues in the  Pride & Prejudice Marvel Comic Books series. In fact, they are not new.
The idea of creating graphic tales based on P&P was not bad at all, either. Marvel launched  the series with a hammering campaign when the series came out but I finally I didn't read any of the issues released at that time because I wasn't so attracted by the style of the graphics. What didn't I like?

P&P - Eye Classics Edition
Look at the  Bennet sisters in the picture above: don't they remind you of  Desperate Housewives? Of female vampires in recent TV series? To be honest - and  I hope not too direct -  don't you think silicon lips are a bit anacronistic in  a Regency tale? Rather disturbing, I'd say. At least, to me. Maybe,  it is because I definitely  hate silicon lips even on nowadays real faces. So unnatural! Anyway,  if you are not disturbed by those details and like to collect any edition of P&P you can find, you may be interested ( or might have been in the past) in getting the Marvel copies for your Austenesque shelf.

What I'm here to tell you is that I've found a graphic version of Pride and Prejudice which is lovelier or which I liked much more (on the right and below).  Neither this one is new, you may have seen it already. But  I have only  discovered it recently,  so I  borrowed  and read it few days ago , thanks to a Janeite friend  who collects as many editions of the novel as she can. Let's start having a look at its cover:

This Eye Classics edition of Pride and Prejudice features Ian Edginton’s script -  an honest, reverent adaptation – and Robert Deas's design.  

What I liked is that the core story is there, nothwistanding the inevitable cuts,  and the dialogue sounds pretty and  mostly Austen. Many of the scenes recalls Pride and Prejudice 1995, the BBC series, more than Jane Austen's novel, which is something I didn't mind at all. The graphics is lovely though some of the characters may look  like one another (Darcy, Bingley, Wickham, for instance) and that may confuse a newbie.
It was an enjoyable read and  a delightful way to go back to the familiar moments we all love in Elizabeth and Darcy's story.
Do you know any other graphic version of Pride and Prejudice which could be worth reading and collecting?


Krista said...

I don't read graphic novels so I don't know of any but this one is really cool. Maybe I should start reading them! Love it, I love art!

Shannon Winslow said...

I can't say that I know anything about these graphic novels, except that I've heard about them. Thanks for giving us Janeites a glimpse. I'm for anything that gets the next generation interested in Jane Austen!

Sabbio said...

Hello Maria, I come on your blog often and I would have an idea to submit you but can't find your e-mail ^^' You can write to me to duhautdemoncannelier (at)

Patricia F. said...

Where can I get the better looking omic? I clicked on amazon link and all i got was a edition of Pride and Prejudice novel not comic