Tuesday, 1 June 2010


This is a blog post opening this month's great event: JANE IN JUNE: lots of Austen - based fun all over the blogosphere coordinated by Misty at  Book Rat . Here are some of mine contributions to the event:

1.Interview with Beth Pattillo, author of "Jane Austen ruined my life" and "Mr Darcy broke my heart" on Fly High! with giveaway of one of her novels :  CLICK AND READ. Go and comment to have a chance to win the delightful Mr Darcy Broke My Heart.

2. This month will be dedicated to the re-reading of my favourite among Jane Austen's six , Persuasion  (preparing the 6th and last meeting of my book club, let's hope I can finish the experience with less disappointment than  at the end of our latest meeting)

3.Review of The Matters at Mansfield (from the series Mr and Mrs Darcy's Mysteries by Carrie Bebris) on My Jane Austen Book Club

4. June 27th Journal of the last meeting of my JA reading club on My Jane Austen Book Club

5. Post about Jane Austen's juvenilia : Love and Freindship


1.Beth Pattillo, Mr Darcy Broke My Heart (on Fly High!)

2  Laura Viera Rigler, Rude Awakenings of a Jane Austen Addict + Jane Austen and Juliette Shapiro, Sanditon. (here on My Jane Austen Book Club)


To get the chance to win Mr Darcy Broke My Heart by Beth Pattilo, comment her interview on Fly High (HERE) adding your e-mail address.
To win instead the other two books (2 books 1 winner),  comment any of the posts you 'll find on My Jane Austen Book Club for JANE IN JUNE. The more posts you comment, the more chances you have to win them!
The names of the two winners will be announced on 30th June. Both giveaways are open worldwide.


Meredith said...

Wow! What a busy month! I am looking forward to all your posts!

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the Matters at Mansfield!

CaRiiToO said...

wow... your activities are awesome!

I'm looking forward to read all your entries!

Kals said...

Persuasion is my second favourite Austen book after P&P. Looking forward to hearing your discussions for Persuasion! =)

Darlyn said...

wow..i think this awesome!i love jane austen's books. =)

buddyt said...

I shall try my best to read all the posts and enter all the giveaways but it is going to be a might task.

Thanks for the giveaway.
Carol T

buddytho {at} gmail DOT com

Allison said...

Great giveaways :) can't wait to see everything you have in store!

Milka said...

Great giveaways. I really like this whole Jane In June thing. I will be looking forward to your posts throughout the whole month. (:

Sissa said...

Great giveaway. ^^ I've been enjoying jane in june so far. ^^

Anonymous said...

This whole Jane in June idea has me itching to read everything that Jane has written. I'm so glad to have found a blog devoted to her! :)

Eliza said...

What a pity that I have to learn for finaly exams in June, so I won't be able to read that much Jane in June ;-) But I am definitley looking forward to your reviews of the books!

Anonymous said...

I would LOVE to win ANY of these books! I will head over to Fly High as soon as I have time and I will comment here as much as I can!


cheryl c said...

New visitor here! I am looking forward to visiting more because this sounds like a great month.
Cheryl C.
castings at mindspring dot com

Fanny/iz4blue said...

Hi Maria, I'm confused about where to enter for the double book give away.

Felicia said...

I'd like a chance to win the two books. I enjoy following your blogs.



Unknown said...

Amazing programmes, thanks for the giveaways! Off to browse now :-)

chatty said...

I'm also a new visitor. Have been finding JA obsession sites everywhere Nice to see I'm not alone. Any book I can win just adds to my delight. Loved the carrie Bebris Mysteries. Haven't started the last one yet(emma)
Charlene chatty1082@aol.com Also would love it on kindle