Tuesday 15 December 2020



I have loved the works of Jane Austen since I was a young woman. I have always identified with Elizabeth Bennet in particular being the second of four daughters with a love of reading and a wry sense of humour myself. I developed a special affinity for Pride & Prejudice after watching the BBC miniseries with Jennifer Ehle and Colin Firth. What warm-blooded single woman wouldn’t with Colin Firth sending smoldering looks your way through your television screen?


Wednesday 2 December 2020



Maria Grace is back with a lovely holiday story, Unexepcted Gifts. We are all invited to join the Darcys and celebrate the Yuletide with them. Let's spend the most romantic time of the year with the most romantic couple of all time!  Read Maria Grace's guest post introducing the excerpt she has  graciously granted us and discover more on the entire series! 

Thank you, Maria Grazia for hosting me at My Jane Austen Book Club.  I love to write holiday stories. In the past, I’ve done holiday romances—I mean who doesn’t love a feel-good holiday romance, right? But somehow that didn’t feel quite right this year.

With all this this year has brought, I wanted to write about some of the other relationships that come to the fore during the holiday, friends and family—particularly difficult ones. The holidays just seem to bring out all those rough edges and leave us at risk for rubbing each other the wrong way. They also offer us a great opportunity for making things right between us and them. That seemed to be a very appropriate place to dwell this year.