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The draw for this giveaway contest, as usual via, has chosen The Sampler Girl - Tanya as the winner of this lovely book. Congratulations and thanks for taking part. Many thanks to Lori Smith for being my guest here at My Jane Austen Book Club . And if you haven't read it, don't miss her interview (HERE).

Monday 28 May 2012


Sally Smith O'Rourke is one of the new writers at Austen Authors and I'm really glad she accepted to be featured at My Jane Austen Book Club.  She published a first Austen - related novel  titled The Man Who Loved Jane Austen  and is going to publish a new one soon: Your Affectionately Jane Austen. She has written a lovely piece about romance in Austen's work and is granting two of you the chance to win her first book: The Man Who Loved Jane Austen. Enjoy her post and leave your comments! The giveaway details are below.


“I could no more write a romance than an epic poem. I could not sit seriously down to write a serious romance under any other motive than to save my life; and if it were indispensable for me to keep it up and never relax into laughing at myself or other people, I am sure I should be hung before I had finished the first chapter.”         ( From a letter of 1 April 1816)

Thursday 24 May 2012


As a child, Lori Smith’s mother had to pay her to read books.  So it’s a bit ironic that she now gets paid to write them.  Lori feels connections to Austen on many levels—as a writer, a single woman, an Anglican, and as someone struggling with a mysterious chronic illness. For her last book, A Walk with Jane Austen: A Journey into Adventure, Love, and Faith, Lori spent a month in England tracing Austen’s life and works. Readers voted to give that book the Jane Austen Regency World Award for best nonfiction.
Her writing has also appeared in Washington Post Book World, Publishers Weekly,, Skirt!, and Today’s Christian Woman.  Lori lives in Northern Virginia with her sweet but stubborn English lab, Bess.

In your new book,  your second Austen-dedicated one, The Jane Austen Guide to Life: Thoughtful Lessons for the Modern Woman , you point our how much Jane Austen has to teach to contemporary women. What is lesson number one, the basic one?

Wednesday 23 May 2012


Hello everyone! Did you enjoy reading Kim Izzo's account of her Meeting Mr Darcy? Lucky woman! Now, are you ready to discover the names of the 3 winners of Kim Izzo's debut novel, THE JANE AUSTEN MARRIAGE MANUAL? Three copies for three different winners in three different countries. I carried out three different draws via and these are the results:

1. Danielle will get the copy for the US readers
2. Aurora gets the copy for readers living in Europe
3. Faith Hope Cherrytea wins the copy for Canada 

Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to all of you who entered in the giveway. Till very soon for a new Austen-inspired writer and a new Austenesque read! Meanwhile, have a look to the new blogposts, articles, videos, pictures on the latest issue of my The Everything Austen Daily. Check it out in the right sidebar or click HERE. MG

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Kim Izzo
Kim Izzo is a journalist and a writer living in Canada who had the chance to meet Mr Darcy in person. Time travelling? No, of course. She was lucky enough to meet and interview Colin Firth in Toronto. In this guest post she shares with us at My Jane Austen Book Club about what happened on that memorable occasione and gives to all of you commenting her story the chance to win her new book: THE JANE AUSTEN MARRIAGE MANUAL.

Meeting Mr Darcy 

"The year 2005 was remarkable for two reasons. It was the first time I’d broken a limb and that wasn’t any fun at all. But I also got to meet Colin Firth and that was very fun indeed.
It was a riding accident that did me in. I was thrown from a friend’s horse and as soon as my ankle cracked down hard on a railway tie that was lying on the ground I knew it was broken. That was in July. Recovery required surgery and the insertion of five pins and screws to fuse my ankle together. Weeks of physiotherapy followed and by September the cast and brace were removed and I hobbled around on crutches.

Colin Firth as Mr Darcy
For ten days each September my hometown of Toronto gets taken over by the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) and as an entertainment journalist by day (novelist by night) I have to make the rounds of the various junkets and interview the stars. It’s exhausting on two solid legs. With my left leg atrophied I felt more like a muppet than a reporter but off to work I had to go. It was to be my first day in shoes.
My editor had the best assignment she told me. Knowing my obsession with the 1995 BBC adaptation of Pride & Prejudice – which was all about Colin Firth – she guessed I’d want to interview him. She was right! He had starred in Canadian director Atom Egoyan’s film Where the Truth Lies that co-starred Kevin Bacon. I had to interview both actors at the same time in a swanky hotel suite at the Park Hyatt.
But hobbling in on crutches seemed undignified so my physiotherapist loaned me a different type of crutch. The kind you slid you arm into, you see people with permanent disabilities using them because they are easier for longer periods of time. She was right, I was able to navigate more swiftly and because I could wear shoes no one could tell I was injured or what the injury way. What I realized later was that a cast or brace says broken bone, these types of crutches used with shoes said I might have bigger issues.

Colin Firth at the 2005 Toronto Festival with Kevin Bacon and  Rachel Blanchard
Off I went. I made it to the suite and the film representatives helped me with the doors, getting a seat and taking my handbag so I would be comfortable. The extra attention was nice but I didn’t really think much of it and admitted that I was recovering from a broken ankle.
I’ve interviewed loads of famous faces. But this time I was nervous. This time was Colin Firth! I sat there waiting and then I heard him. That unmistakeable voice from P&P…the deep smokey sound of Mr. Darcy/Mr. Firth. My nerves got shakier.
“Ms. Izzo, it’s your turn,” the press officer called me over to the other room where the voice had beckoned.
I stood up as straight as I could and threaded my arms through the crutches and went into the room. There was Kevin and Colin standing up to greet me. I wish I could describe Kevin for you but the truth is I didn’t really notice him. I only had eyes for Colin. He was as tall, handsome and gentlemanly as Mr. Darcy. Not every star lives up to the fantasy. Colin did and then some. But what happened next can best be described as a farce.
I held out my right hand to shake his. He took my hand. We shook hands. My right arm slipped out of the brace and the crutch crashed to the floor. The look of horror on Colin’s face was priceless. He thought he’d knocked the crutch out of a disabled girl’s hand and was mortified. He dove to the floor to pick it up. I did my best to grab it too all the while muttering, “It’s just a broken ankle, I’m fine, really…”
I know how to make an entrance put it that way! We sat down and I was out of breath and stuttering my questions. But Colin, still unsure what he had done or not done was extra sweet and gave me more than my allotted time for the interview. Kevin weighed in and I made sure to ask him stuff too. I kept imagining what it must be like for Kevin to spend the day with all the female journalists ignoring him for more Colin time. But it’s Mr. Darcy!
Interview done I got up as gracefully as I could and walked out one step at a time. Thankfully my ankle healed. I’m still waiting for a second shot at a Colin meeting. Though I wonder if he will remember…."

Kim Izzo

Wow! I've got 3 copies of Kim's THE JANE AUSTEN MARRIAGE MANUAL to give away but you must carefully follow the instructions below to be included in the final draw:

1. post your comment
2. add your e-mail address
3. specify the country you live in

I've got 1 copy for Europe, 1 for Canada and 1 for the US. Thanks to Kim's publishers in the UK (Hodder & Stoughton), in Canada (Harper Collins)  and in the US (St Martin's Press). The giveaway ends on May 23rd when the names of the winners are announced.

US cover

Katherine Shaw—Kate— is happy with her life. She has supportive friends, a glamorous magazine career, and a love of all things Jane Austen. But when she loses her job, her beloved grandmother falls ill and a financial disaster forces a sale on the family home, Kate finds herself facing a crisis that would test even the most stalwart of Austen heroines.
Friends rally round, connecting her to freelance gigs, and presenting her with a birthday gift— title to land in Scotland—that’s about to come in very handy. Turns out that Kate’s first freelance assignment is to test an Austen-inspired theory: in the toughest economic times is a wealthy man the only must-have accessory? What begins as an article turns into an opportunity as Kate—now Lady Kate—jet-sets to Palm Beach, St Moritz and London where, in keeping company with the elite, she meets prospects who make Mr. Darcy look like an amateur. But will rubbing shoulders with men of good fortune ever actually lead her to love? And will Kate be able to choose between Mr. Rich and Mr. Right?

Tuesday 15 May 2012


Here I am to relieve your anxiety, dear friends ;-) 

Here are the name of the 2 winners for Laura Hile's book, Mercy's Embrace: the copy for the international giveaway has been won by Cyrano and the copy for US readers by Jenn C.

Thank you for taking part and congratulations on winning!

Many thanks to Laura Hile for her lively and generous contribution to the discussion following her amusing guest post and for providing the two copies to give away.

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I discovered Katherine by chance through her vimeo channel. She's an actress who loves period drama, especially Jane Austen adaptations. This is the main reason she produced her Persuasion Project (two videos) and the reason why I invited her to share her experience   here at My Jane Austen Book Club. 

First of all Katherine, welcome to My Jane Austen Book Club! Would you mind to introduce yourself to our readers and tell us something about yoruself?
Gladly. First of all, thank you for finding me and reaching out. Meeting another lover of Jane gets my kettle going :) I’m an actress and I live in Los Angeles. Since I’m all about challenging myself in my career and my life, my ultimate goal is to become the most fearless actress of my generation. I don’t mean that someday I’ll be free from fear exactly, but that when I’m terrified, I will go for broke anyways and do the thing that scares me. And that’s what I did with this project. 

I bumped into your lovely videos on Vimeo and was surprised noticing that you had decided to film scenes from Persuasion.  Why? Why not P&P or S&S which seem to be the best favourite  among young Janeites?

As an actress it’s difficult to get work, and it’s especially difficult to get work that inspires you. To fight this, I took matters into my own hands. Since the period genre is one of my absolute favorites, I decided to produce a project that I could fall in love with as an artist. That project became these two scenes from Persuasion. So yes of course P&P and S&S are fantastic, but I had seen them too many times. I was worried that I might unintentionally duplicate another actress’ performance.  In the end I chose Persuasion because I really love the story and I really really really love Anne Eliot. Her struggle to overcome the pressure of her society and gain the courage she needs to follow her heart, mirrors my own struggle with fearlessness. Her story is very modern in that sense. 

How did you work on your video project? What did you start with?
Once I chose Persuasion, I read it with an eye towards what scenes I could film on my limited budget of 500 dollars. I ended up with my final two scene choices because I could be the only actor on camera, thus limiting my costume fees, and because I could film outside which meant I could get away without paying for a location or for filming permits. And I really loved getting to adapt Austen’s beautiful book into a film script. 

From the adaptation I recruited my voice over actors, my crew (my hubby and mother), I prepared the character, and I rented the proper equipment. We ended up filming the two scenes in one afternoon. We often had to stop and start filming as mountain bikers and hikers with dogs passed by. I’m sure they got a kick out of seeing a Regency lady in the middle of the LA foothills.  
 And finally, I edited the project. What you see is the result of that work. 

Is your dream job becoming an actress?

What I am most proud of is that I claim my life as an actress without waiting for someone to hire me. So yes, while I would love to be paid and while I would love to work on the next Hollywood Austen adaptation, I love where my career is currently at too. 

 Have you seen many Austen adaptations so far? What are your favourite ones?
Oh my goodness yes! Which ones haven’t I seen?! :) Hmmmm. My favorites are usually the long ones. Like Pride and Prejudice with Colin Firth. I just can’t get enough of that world so I find two hour films frustrating :) Of course, then I just end up watching Pride and Prejudice with Kiera Knightley or Sense and Sensibility with Kate Winslet several times and call it good. This is unconventional, but I love Lost In Austen. It’s all about what it would be like if we went back in time into P&P. 

Darcy and Amanda - Lost in Austen

Did you make the cute Regency dress you wear  in the videos yourself?

I did make the dress and thanks for calling it cute! It was actually the first sewing creation I attempted as an adult. I had no idea what I was doing so I was really quite pleased with how well it came out. 

What is it that most fascinates you in that distant, so different world, which is Jane Austen Era?
Everything about Austen’s stories is romantic. The men (need I say more). The women overcoming the limits of their society. The historical period itself pulls me in: life is slower, no cell phones or multi-tasking, education and wit are attractive, etc. 

Which Austen heroine/s do you most sympathize with?
At this stage in my life, I relate most with Anne Eliot. I touched on it before, but her struggle with fearlessness, to do what her heart demands despite the persuasion of others, is what I struggle with. It may be my own mind telling me I’m not good enough or that I don’t deserve to pursue my bliss as an actress, but I fight that persuasion just as she fights the persuasion of her family. And there is something about the way everyone underestimates her. No one, except Wentworth, really sees Anne’s beauty and value. Sometimes I feel overlooked like that. 

Who’s your favourite Austen hero, instead?
Well I love Mr. Darcy. To see his defenses brought down by love thrills me every time. I also love love love Col. Christopher Brandon. His quiet, steadfast passion is something I’ve come to appreciate in my twenties. It went over my head as a teenager :)

Imagine you could live one day in one of Jane Austen novels, which one would you choose and which scene in the book would you be more excited to live?

I’d like to live more in the Persuasion scene where Anne reads Wentworth’s letter. It’s that moment when her world is blown apart and she realizes she is loveable, desirable, that it isn’t too late to live her ideal life. I could live in that discovery my whole life, in that emotion of worthiness and value and knowing that no mistake is irreversible.  

Going on dreaming, what would you miss the most from present day life?
 I would miss my husband the most :) And as an asthmatic, I’d miss my inhaler. 

Is there anything you haven’t read by Austen that you wish to read soon?

I’d like to read Northanger Abbey. In fact, consider it downloaded on my Kindle now! 
For those interested in seeing what I do next, you can like me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter. You can also visit my website.

Thanks a lot, Katherine. It's been a pleasure to chat with you. Good luck with your life and career! And now, let's have a look at your videos...



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Fitzwilliam Darcy is a fine fellow and all but, my word, he's spiked his guns! Shot himself in the foot! And with no reason!

Convinced that Jane Austen's Mr. Darcy knows next to nothing about romancing a woman, Admiral Patrick McGillvary of Mercy's Embrace puts pen to paper. Let's join Austenesque author Laura Hile in peeking over his shoulder as he writes... 

Dear Darcy, 

You barely spoke a word at Blankenship's dinner last night and had nothing to do with the dancing. My good fellow, the walls are capable of standing on their own without you being there to hold them up! It's that Miss Bennet, isn't it? She has captured your heart. And you, having suffered a setback, are pining. 

Pining? Get a grip, man! Far be it from me to offer advice, but my dear, you are in need of serious help. Battle tactics. Strategy. Common sense management techniques. These are the tools of the manly suitor. So let's get some things straight. Because failure should not be on your to-do list, Darcy. Not today or any other! 

First and foremost, display confidence. Look, Miss Bennet will be placing her life in your hands, should you marry---are you capable to lead? What if I, before engaging the enemy, wrung my hands, cast my gaze to the heavens, and wondered aloud if we'd live to see another day? No! I must stride across the quarterdeck, my mind alive with strategies, barking orders and laughing at death! My men need to see my competence, Darcy. And Miss Bennet needs to see yours. 

No griping, either. Old men and babies complain. Do you realize that nothing kills romance faster than the Mother Instinct? So don't arouse it by whining. Or, I might add, by being overly-particular. Be a man, not a little boy whom Miss Bennet feels she must protect. 

And no more explanatory letters! Women save letters, Darcy, often for years. And they refer to them when they think you're not measuring up to promises that you made. Letters are dangerous, even after marriage! Speak more, write less. 

Point out the bad, but only if you must. This means no more criticizing her family, especially if you're right. See here, it simply isn't worth it. Voicing your "I told you so" opinion will only make Miss Bennet angry. And while she might forgive you, she'll never forget. Tread carefully! 

Women enjoy a man who as at ease socially. This means that you must learn the art of small talk. I know, it's a curst nuisance, but it cannot be avoided. Collect stories, polish them up, and use them at social events. I will warn you to rotate your stock with new material, especially as you age. No one appreciates an Old Bore. I should know; Whitehall is filled with them! 

Diving into pond scum is not sexy. The only reason ladies think so is because they were not at the pond to smell it. Or you when you emerged. If you'd like to show off your chest, simply find an excuse to remove your coat and shirt. A sudden bee sting works. But be manly about the supposed pain, for pity's sake! 

Women admire a man who faces down danger. Rescuing Miss Bennet's sister was sporting, but I must point out that rough-and-ready tactics trump all. Look, Miss Bennet would have admired you more ardently if you had coshed in Wickham's skull instead of making out that bank draft. Any pantywaist can sign his name, Darcy. 

This means you should carry a weapon and know how to use it. You'll fool no one with one of those dainty fencing rapiers. Wear a businesslike fighting dirk, and learn how to walk and sit with it. Trust me, even if the women don't notice the banged-up hilt and scabbard, the men will. And they'll give you a wide berth. 

Solving problems with money is risky. Why? Because it teaches your future wife how it's done. I realize that I'm calling the kettle black here, as I did something similar in Mercy's Embrace. But now that I've had time to consider, I'm shaking in my boots. Ten thousand pounds is a whopping amount. Trust me, Miss Bennet has no idea how much this loss hurts. 

Guarding your privacy is pointless. Look, if you argue with your steward or have a cross word with a guest, it's known in the Pemberley Arms within the hour. Face facts, Darcy. Word travels lightning fast. If you'd ever lived aboard ship, you'd understand this. More people know about your sister's escapade than you realize. Put your chin up and brazen it out. Besides, you're in the position to deliver some truly crushing snubs. 

Never praise one woman to another. When asked to comment on a woman's appearance---or singing, or dancing, or any other ability---give a neutral answer and remove yourself from the conversation. At once! Because ... 

The Caroline Bingleys of this world exact revenge. And it won't be taken out on Miss Bennet, either. Oh, she will suffer. But you will be made to pay for that "fine eyes" remark, perhaps years later. Some women live to get even. Make very sure, before you marry, that Miss Bennet is not one of this kind. And marry you will, if you conduct your courtship like a man. You may correspond with me by writing to my Bath estate, Belsom Park, or through Whitehall. All the best, McGillvary

Laura Hile

The Author

As a girl Laura Hile pored over Victorian novels on her grandmother’s shelves, and later discovered Gothic Romance and Jane Austen’s Regency.  But it was not until serialized Austen fiction became popular that Laura summoned her courage and began to post stories of her own.  To keep readers interested, she developed what has become her signature style:  intertwined plots, cliffhangers, and laugh-out-loud humor.  The comedy she comes by naturally in her job as a middle school teacher—there’s never a dull moment at school!  Laura lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, three college-age sons, and a collection of antique clocks.

Would you like more Admiral McGillvary? He's Wentworth's daring friend in Susan Kaye's Frederick Wentworth, Captain and the swoon-worthy romantic lead in Laura Hile's Mercy's Embrace.

During the month of May, all books by Susan Kay and Laura Hile are are on sale! Print books have been reduced 25% at the Wytherngate Press website. Ebook editions are $2.00 off at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other on-line retailers.


Laura Hile is offering two (2) print copies of Mercy's Embrace: So Rough a Course (Book 1) , one for US readers, and one for international. Hooray! Post a comment by May 15th to enter. Visit Laura at her website, Mercy's Embrace, at her blogs, Jane Started It! and Austen Authors. Find her on Facebook at as Laura Hile Author and MercysEmbrace. Follow her at Twitter @LauraHile.

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10 years of Jane's Site

Congratulations to Carmen and Almudena for their great goal! Today it's the 10th birthday of their very active Austen-dedicated site. This is an invitation to all of us to join them on this unique occasion: 

Due to the celebration of the Jane's Site birth, ten years old now, we would like to share with you the happiness which this new birthday brings. 'So much time' brings us back to memory many good remembrances but above all the pleasure of having shared a mutual admiration towards Jane Austen. Once more, hoping to celebrate our tenth birthday, we encourage you to take part in the raffle we will carry out of a book (Recuerdos de Jane Austen by Alba Editorial in Spanish, so if you don't want it, please tell it to us so) and five homemade brooches among all those who send us a tweet (to @salonjaneausten with hashtag #10sitios) or a short paragraph (over 20 or 30 words in which you explain what Jane’s Site means for you, how you discovered the page or any other sentence you would like to tell us.
Thanks a lot for all your work and for your friendship, Janeite mates. Happy siteversary and many happy returns!  MG

Wednesday 2 May 2012


This is the second and final part of Prima Santika 's guest post. The first part, introducing his Austen-inspired novel in Indonesian, Three Weddings and Jane Austen, is HERE.  Ready for a fascinating journey to Indonesia? 


Ibu Sri has three daughters, Emma is 35 years old, Meri is 30, and Lisa is 29. They live in Jakarta, the metropolitan capital city of Indonesia. The three daughters are all not yet to be married anytime soon, and that makes Ibu Sri a little bit worry. At the begining of the story, takes place in Jakarta, each of them meets a man. Emma, the wise and patient one, is single, meets Dian, introduced by Ibu Sri, a doctor from her husband’s hospital. With the same mature age, both of them soon finds comfort in one another. Meri, the lovable one, has a boyfriend named Bimo, and they’ve gone steady for three years now. A bit bored with the good-condition relationship, Meri meets Erik, introduced by Lisa, and both soon find sparkles in their lives from the same interest in Jazz and romance. And last but not least, Lisa, the stiff one, who doesn’t believe in marriage, who’s always single and never been kissed, accidentally meets Deni, her first love in high school who she once let go at that time, only because her best friend named Amel wanted him as well. Amel is now married to other man with kids but on her way to divorce. So Lisa who’s now falling in love again, has to keep her meeting with Deni [who’s previously moved to USA with his family, and now is back to Jakarta] secret from Amel.

The story then moves to Yogyakarta, the city of grand temples, where a relative’s wedding is held. In this distance place from Jakarta, for about half a week, the relationships grew between Meri and Erik, and for Lisa and Deni, as both men pay a visit to Yogyakarta to meet the girls. As for Emma, she is now introduced by her aunt to a widower, ten years older with two daughters, named Krisna, purely for a business purpose of trading Batik, the traditional decorated fabric of Indonesia. From that time on, Krisna periodically meets Emma, goes back and forth between Yogyakarta to Jakarta for his business, and eventually for his heart, because he then finds himself in love with her, and asking her to marry. Emma who has developed a certain feeling to Dian, refuses the marriage proposal, and accordingly it puts down the Batik business as well. But unfortunately, not long after, Dian announces that he is moving to a very far away island to pursue his career, and not inviting her along. Emma is devistated, and convinces herself that maybe marriage is never destined for her. As the story goes in Jakarta, both Meri and Lisa have also to face their broken hearts. Meri’s affair with Erik is caught up by Bimo, so now she’s single again because Bimo can’t forgive her but she doesn’t want to be with Erik. In time of severe broken heart, Ibu Sri offers her to read Persuasion, hoping she can learn a lesson of broken heart and forgiveness from Anne Eliott. Meri reads the book, understands it, and even sends a copy to Bimo in order to seek forgiveness. But it never gets replied. Meanwhile, Lisa has to let go of Deni again because Amel knows that he’s around. But fortunately there’s Geri, both Amel and Lisa’s best friend, who just came back from UK for his study. Geri then introduces Lisa on how to enjoy Pride and Prejudice, a book that Ibu Sri gives to her in order to get Deni’s attention because he once mentioned that he liked the book while studying in USA. At this horrible moment for all of them, a funeral of a relative is being held in Surabaya, another distance city from Jakarta.

In Surabaya, all the girls are sad. Meri and Lisa then decide to go to Bali, a nearby island from Surabaya, in order to refresh their heart and mind. Emma stays in Surabaya with Ibu Sri to comfort her aunt who’s just lost her husband. Krisna who is a close friend of her aunt, also comes to Surabaya to pay his condolences. Ibu Sri, knowing that Emma is now single again, tries to match-making Emma with Krisna. Emma refuses to do so, produces a big conflict with her mother. Although the conflict can easily be overcome, the fact that Emma is now without a man in her life takes a serious concern from Ibu Sri. She then offers Emma to read Sense and Sensibility, just because she sees a resemblance of Emma with Elinor Dashwood. Emma has nothing else to do in Surabaya anyway, so she agrees to the offer. Little does she expect, that reading the book can actually ease her mind from her conflict with Ibu Sri, and open her heart again for any possibility of love and marriage, let it be so little a chance to happen at her age. Knowing that, Ibu Sri is now happy with a high hopes for Emma.

Meanwhile in Bali, in the peaceful state of mind and place, Meri contemplates a lot and determines herself to get married soon, although she doesn’t know with who. She then tries to find new love in Bali by hanging out in Hard Rock Cafe. But instead of meeting new man, she finds herself a marriage proposal from a man she knows best. As for Lisa, while in Bali, Lisa accidentally knows about Deni going out with Amel from Geri over the phone although he tries to hide it, since Lisa has told him about her feelings to Deni. Lisa is upset thinking that Amel and Deni must be officially going steady. She then puts the phone off the next day, hoping she can find peace in her heart and mind while surrounded by the magnificently beautiful scenery of Bali. Accompanied by the book Pride and Prejudice, she finds herself calming down and realizes that love should be acknowledged and happiness in a marriage is only a matter of chance. She’s then no longer hating marriage.

But just when she’s able to appreciate love, Deni comes to Bali to meet her especially. He wants to say goodbye, for he’s leaving the country and will live in USA again, for good this time. And then he adds one thing that he’s kept secret all along since high school and always wanted to be free of. That he’s in love with her, and he needs to know that his feeling is mutual. With a little bit of conflict between them related to Amel, Lisa finally reveals her true feelings. She realizes that she needs this closure just as much as he does in order to live her future life without ever questioning what if. It’s indeed a bitter sweet of love for Lisa. And she’s now officially been kissed.

In the last chapter before the Epilogue, the wedding is described by Ibu Sri. Having all her three daughters being married in the same time and place, produces an utmost happiness into her feelings. Set in the majestic view of Prambanan temple in Yogyakarta, the wedding needs to be appropriately explained. While the name of the grooms can easily be predicted as the story goes, the reason behind it will reveal a soft yet meaningful surprise. It completes all the learning process in every character in this story.


The story takes place in several locations in Indonesia, and a bit in London. I deliberately take the whole family going places because that’s what families do in Indonesia, especially when an important event occurs. From Jakarta where they live, the capital city of Indonesia, to Yogyakarta and Surabaya, two of the big cities with their richness in Javanesse culture, historical places, as well as food and scenery. And last but certainly not the least, the romantic island of Bali. In Indonesia we call it “The Island of Gods” for its beauty that’s certainly second to none. In Julia Robert’s movie “Eat Pray Love”, whether you like the movie or not, you will not forget the beautiful beaches and rice fields of Bali exposed along the movie. Accompanied with the book Pride and Prejudice to empower the maturity process of a character, it would be a dreamy story to tell.


Hi, everyone! I’m Prima Santika from Indonesia. I live in Jakarta, the capital – as well as the biggest cosmopolitan – city in Indonesia. I studied Economics, and I’m currently working in a telco company. I was born in 1974, a husband to a beautiful wife, and a father of a handsome 4 years old son. I have just published my first book, entitled THREE WEDDINGS AND JANE AUSTEN. It’s a novel in Indonesian language,

I hope this writing of mine can give you a glimpse of what I have done to introduce Jane Austen to Indonesian audience. And for this opportunity, I should thank Maria Grazia, the owner of this blog, who appreciates my book although she hasn’t read it. I believe she only reads my guest post in the blog of MVBClub. If only this book were translated in English, I would be more than happy to provide giveaway books for this blog’s readers.
 Prima Santika 
Contact points:
Twitter: @primasantika
My Self-Review [written in English] of the book in Goodreads Blog: