Friday 30 November 2012

Enid Wilson, Close Encounters with a Martian Hunk - Giveaway Winner

Quick posting to reveal the name of the winner of 

Enid Wilson's "Close Encounter with a Martian Hunk".

Congratulations to Ao Bibliophile! And many thanks to Enid Wilson for being my guest.

Monday 26 November 2012


The Missing Manuscript of Jane Austen is an awesome new book by Syrie James, author of bestselling novels like  The Lost Memoirs Of Jane Austen, Dracula My Love, The Secret Diaries of Charlotte Brontë, Nocturne  and Forbidden. Due to release on 31st December, The Missing Manuscript of Jane Austen is a  novel within a novel :  a brilliant Austen-style Regency tale inside a lovely modern romance.

I must admit that with this new novel Syrie James has surpassed herself and moved forward even respect to a successful achievement like The Lost Memoirs of Jane Austen. She did a brilliant job both at delivering a well-designed plot echoing Jane Austen’s voice - but modernizing it for a present-day audience -  and at enclosing it in an intriguing frame of quest and romance.

Samantha is an American librarian who had to give up her Ph D in English Literature while preparing a dissertation on Jane Austen’s work. She was forced to interrupt her studies in Oxford and go back to home   in order to take care of her seriously ill mother.
Now she is on a trip in England with her cardiologist boyfriend, Stephen. Since he is  engaged in a  medical conference in London,  she spends her time alone visiting the places of her happy years at Oxford university and while perusing old little bookshops in search for something interesting, she happens to find an ancient book of poetry containing a letter. The book reveals itself as belonging to Jane Austen  and inside it there is one of her missing letters.  Even more extraordinary is the fact that in that letter Jane refers to a manuscript she lost in 1802 visiting Greenbriar, the Whitakers’ mansion in the countryside, in Dorset.

Tuesday 20 November 2012


What about joining me there? I'm a guest at Maria Grace's blog, Random Bits of Fascination. What do we talk about? Blogging,  mainly. But discover more about our chat visiting Maria's Blog. I'll wait for you all there! 

Get to Know Maria Grazia founder of Fly High and My Jane Austen Book Club

Friday 16 November 2012


In a month it will be Jane Austen's 237th birthday,  since she was born in Steventon on 16th December 1775. Just like last year I'd love to celebrate this special occasion here at My Jane Austen Book Club inviting all Janeite bloggers to join me in the event. Let's spread the love for our beloved Jane.

I thought that the best thing we can do to demonstrate our admiration and reverence for her talent is to post Jane Austen's special pages. Special to us.

So,  what do you have to do to join the party? 

- Subscribe your blog through the linky tool below (deadline 10th December 
  2012) N.B. Link title: name of the blog (you don't have to say which  
   passage you  are going to choose nor what novel, there can be similar posts
   if we have similar tastes)

- Prepare your post including your favourite Austen page from your favourite      
   Austen novel (with pictures, videos, links, whatever else your wish to add to
   make  your happy birthday post more attractive)

- Add the graphics of the event (you can copy  from this announcement post) 
  or ask me to send them to you via e-mail writing to 

- What about a  giveaway contest to win something Austen-related? (books, 
   bookmarks, DVDs, gadgets,  etc.)

- Your post must be ready and posted by/at 00.01 a.m. 16th December 2012 
  (your local time) and the giveaway contest must be closed after 2 days, 
   that is 18th December 2012 (you can choose the time)

- Each blog will have one or more winners and will post the results of its own
   giveaway contest

- Your post should show the list of the blogs participating in the event which 
   I'll send to you  once the subscriptions are closed (10th December 2012)

"One cannot have too large a party".


Wednesday 14 November 2012


Antonia Christophers and Noel Byrne are the Box Tale Soup, a two-actor company on stage these days with a very special adaptation of Northanger Abbey. Welcome them to our online club and discover more about them and their work.

Welcome to My Jane Austen Book Club,  Antonia  and Noel thanks for accepting my invitation to talk Jane Austen with me.

First question is ... Where does your name come from? 

Antonia: It actually took us rather a long time to come up with a name for the company that we are happy with. We wanted the name to encompass the various things that make us unique. One of our aims is to fit all the necessary props, costume and set for out shows into our vintage trunk so we wanted to have something luggage related in the name. And then Noel ended up coming up with a pun on the traditional English Soup ‘Oxtail Soup’ thus ending up with Box Tale Soup. We spell the ‘Tale’ that way to refer to the fact that we create adaptations of classic literature.

Noel: Yeah, it was a joke at first, but then the name grew on us!

Monday 12 November 2012


Welcome back to My Jane Austen Book Club, Enid! 

Thank you Maria for hosting me again.

Well, where can we start from?  You know I love Jane Austen and period drama. Honestly, what is this book about Martians doing in my blog?

Haha, Maria, I confess that I had a ball when you hosted my co-authors Aimée Avery, June Williams and I in July about our Jane Austen-inspired short stories, Honor and Integrity (HERE). I itch to find another excuse to appear in your blog again.

My latest novella Close Encounters with a MartianHunk is a romantic science fiction. It definitely doesn’t have a Mr. Darcy in it. But believe it or not, when I first wrote the story five years ago, it was a fun piece I posted at a JAFF forum, featuring a Martian Darcy.

A Martian Darcy?  How can you put Jane Austen’s characters in Space?

Sometimes I think my imagination has a life of its own, especially with my obsession with Jane Austen’s novels. Pride and Prejudice highlights the social division in Regency England. I took this theme and developed the story around it, with Martians being more superior to Earthlings. When Martian Darcy met Earthling Elizabeth, their views clashed even though they were attracted to each other. But in this published version, I no long use Jane Austen’s characters. My hero and heroine become Eric Dark and Sophia Wilkinson. Dark still slighted Sophia and they still had to overcome some obstacles to gain their marital bliss.

Wednesday 7 November 2012


Rebecca Smith at Jane Austen's House Museum.
 Photo by Isabel Snowden

My guest today is really special to me and I hope you'll be ready to welcome her and make her feel at home here at My Jane Austen Book Club.

Rebecca Smith is the author of three novels published by Bloomsbury: The Bluebird Café (2001) Happy Birthday and All That (2003) and A Bit ofEarth (2006). Barbara Trapido called her “the perfect English miniaturist”.
Rebecca studied History at the University of Southampton and is now a Teaching Fellow in English and Creative Writing there. From autumn 2009 until summer 2010, Rebecca was the Writer in Residence at Jane Austen’s House Museum in Chawton, Hampshire; she continues to work closely with the Museum. Her first work of non-fiction,Jane Austen’s Guide to Modern Life’s Dilemmas, has just been published in North America and the UK. Rebecca is Jane Austen’s great great great great great niece.

Rebecca’s first novel for children, Shadow Eyes, was shortlisted for The 2012 Kelpies Prize and will be published sometime in 2013. She is currently working on another novel.

Here are her answers to a few  questions about her Austen-inspired book and her writing. Check the giveaway details below this post and take your chances to win in the rafflecopter form. Good luck!

While researching Miss Jane Austen’s Guide to Modern Life’s Dilemmas, you immersed yourself in Jane Austen’s books as well as her letters and early writings. What were some of the most surprising things you learned about Austen in the process?

I found that I could answer every single dilemma with advice from Jane’s work or letters! Dozens and dozens of different dilemmas were suggested by family, friends and my students – there were too many to fit into the book – but all of them could have been answered. The more I read, the more I saw answers.  I kept thinking of extra dilemmas that I’d like to include. I found that Jane’s wit and wisdom could be applied to anything.

Monday 5 November 2012


The Book

A life altering event inextricably links a fifteen-year-old Elizabeth Bennet to Fitzwilliam Darcy while simultaneously creating an almost insurmountable divide. This Pride and Prejudice deviation takes the reader on a journey through a labyrinth filled with misunderstandings, bias, guilt and fear--not to mention, laughter, animal magnetism and waltzing. As Elizabeth says, 'she shed enough tears to float one of Lord Nelson's frigates' but as she also observes 'unhappiness does, indeed, have comic aspects one should never underestimate.' Though the path for our protagonists is much more ardurous than canon the benefit remains the same, a very happy Janeite ending for these two soul-mates. Along the way there is retribution, redemption and reward for other characters--including a few that recall players in Ms Austen's 'Sense and Sensibility.' While reading her first published novel, I came across grievances so unjust that they called out to this long-time struggler for women's rights. With this novel, I became determined to give them some vindication. A sampling of comments left for this story at an online Jane Austen fan fiction site: Thank you for bringing this amazing, complex, heart-wrenching, story to a beautiful conclusion.

Before revealing the names of the 4 winners I want to thank Beth Massey for being such a kind and generous  guest as well as all the commenters who entered the giveaway contest.

Saturday 3 November 2012


The Book (from

Was Mr. Darcy real? Is time travel really possible? For pragmatic Manhattan artist Eliza Knight the answer to both questions is absolutely, Yes! And Fitzwilliam Darcy of Pemberley Farms, Virginia is the reason why!

His tale of love and romance in Regency England leaves Eliza in no doubt that Fitz Darcy is the embodiment of Jane Austen’s legendary hero. And she’s falling in love with him. But can the man who loved the inimitable Jane Austen ever love average, ordinary Eliza Knight?

Eliza’s doubts grow, perhaps out of proportion, when things start to happen in the quiet hamlet of Chawton, England; events that could change everything. Will the beloved author become the wedge that divides Fitz and Eliza or the tie that binds them?

Congratulation to Gayle Mills! She's the winner in this giveaway contest. Many thanks to Sally Smith O'Rourke for granting us a free copy of her new book.

Friday 2 November 2012


Christmas is a time to spend with the people we love, a time for shameless  sentimentalism and bittersweet   memories, a time for caring and sympathy.  Can it also be the right time for romance? The answer is yes, if you’ve found your Mr Darcy.
I know, I’m definitely turning into an incurable romantic while growing old. Is that the reason why I swiftly went through the little more than two hundred pages of Christmas with Mr Darcy with a blissed smile printed on my face?

Christmas with Mr Darcy is a light-hearted, delightful  novella, Victoria Connelly has recenlty published as a  sequel to  her A Weekend With Mr Darcy , The Perfect Hero (or Dreaming of Mr Darcy in the US version) and Mr Darcy Forever . I read the three of them with the same foolish grin mentioned above,  it means I simply loved them all. They are all brilliant Austen-inpired modern romances full of references to Austen beloved works and all the dreamy places connected to her life and novels. Delightfully written with a light touch on reality, irony,  and skillful characterization, they find a proper sequel in Christmaswith Mr Darcy
In  Victoria Connelly’s latest indie publication  all the heroes and heroines of her  Austen Addicts’ Trilogy gather together to celebrate Christmas as well as their favourite author, Jane Austen. The great reunion takes place  at Purley Hall in Hampshire because renowned actress, Dame Pamela Harcourt, is holding a special Jane Austen Conference.

Thursday 1 November 2012


Book description

When the haughty and wealthy Fitzwilliam Darcy arrives in the rural county of Hertfordshire, he finds he cannot control his attraction to Elizabeth Bennet – a horrifying thought because, as she is too far below his social standing to ignite his heart, he fears she must appeal to the dark impulses he struggles to suppress.

Set against the vivid backdrop of historical Regency England, this adaptation of Pride and Prejudice follows the cursed Mr. Darcy as he endeavours to overcome both his love and his bloodlust for Miss Elizabeth Bennet. Although Pulse and Prejudice adheres to the original plot and style of the Jane Austen classic, it is not a “mash-up” but an imaginative, thrilling variation told primarily from Darcy’s point of view as he descends into the seedier side of London and introduces Elizabeth to a world of passion and the paranormal she never knew existed.

Have you read Colette Saucier's answers to my 5 vampire questions? (HERE) If you left your comment + your e-mail address below that post you may have won her debut novel, Pulse and Prejudice.