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Thank you for having me at My Jane Austen Book Club! I am so happy to be here to share my upcoming novel. Learning to Love is a Pride and Prejudice and Little Women crossover! In it, Amy and Laurie keep up a lively correspondence and grow closer through their letters.

We all know how digitized our world has become. I’m always texting, emailing, scrolling. As a writer, I used to write all my stories in notebooks. But I transitioned my writing from pen and paper to my laptop a few years ago. It’s more efficient (no more typing out what I’ve written) and I can type faster than I can write by hand.

And yet for all that, I still love writing with pen and paper! I adore fountain pens, gel pens, fancy pencils, and even special erasers. It’s true—I’m a complete stationery nerd! I have notebooks filled with ideas for stories, meeting notes, and even vacation plans. I keep a pen and paper planner in addition to my Google calendar. I just can’t seem to let go of my analogue ways!

In that spirit, I’d like to share a few of Amy and Laurie’s letters today. I hope you enjoy this little peek into what is a vital part of my story!

Brigid Huey

My dear composer,

I am excessively pleased to hear that you are applying yourself to your music. You have always had talent, and I am sure you will find your genius if you search diligently for it.

Your letter made me long for home! How dare you speak of Concord in such a way? I grew even more homesick than I already was! It makes me sad to think that the old post office between your house and mine sits empty. I remember looking eagerly every chance I could for treats and notes from you. What wonderful times we had! It seems so long ago.

I have had sad news from home. Jo writes that Beth has taken a bad turn. Have you heard of it? Again Marmee says I should stay, but I feel I must go home. Yet how can I? Aunt is ill, and I cannot travel alone. Take very good care of your grandfather, Laurie.

Fred has returned to England.

Write soon,



My dear artist,

My deepest apologies for provoking homesickness beyond repair! I confess I miss the woods of Concord as much as you do, but I am determined to finish what I have started.

The composing goes very ill indeed. My heroine has no strength, my tunes no originality.

We have had the news of Beth here, too. Take heart, she will rally yet! God would not take such an angel from us. Do take up your artist’s brush once again, for it might bring you much comfort.

In fact, I would like to commission a piece. I am quite desirous to give grandfather a gift of thanks, for he has always been so good to me. Perhaps you might create a painting for him? I leave the subject to you.

Did I tell you I am staying with Mr. and Mrs. Darcy of Derbyshire? I went to school with their grandson Fitz for some time in my boyhood. Fitz is a dear friend and was there for me when I lost Father. Perhaps you shall meet him one day. I know your fondness for the English way of speaking.

Write again soon, if only to distract me from this miserable excuse for an opera.

Your friend,



In this exploration of Little Women and Pride and Prejudice, can Elizabeth and Fitzwilliam Darcy help unite two young lovers?

 Amy March has been in love with her neighbor Laurie for years, but he only had eyes for her older sister. Now living in Europe, Amy is choosing her path to happiness despite her heartache. But her equilibrium is challenged when a single and melancholy Laurie pays her a visit. 

 Soundly rejected by his childhood love and best friend, Laurie is now wandering around Europe, taking little interest in anything or anyone. Things change in France, where he reunites with his old friend Amy. Disappointed in his behavior, she convinces him to take charge of his life and engineer his own happiness.

 Laurie returns to London to make a fresh start, but he cannot get Amy out of his mind. Confused and lovestruck, he appeals to his grandfather’s close friends, the Darcys, for advice. Will this wise, elderly couple be able to guide him through his heartache?


Brigid Huey lives in Ohio with her husband and two kids. She dreams of living on a farm where she can raise as many chickens, ducks, and goats as she likes and write romance novels in an airy study overlooking the wildflowers. 

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