Wednesday 11 January 2012


Ava Farmer is a fictious nom de plume of Sandy Lerner, a successful business woman, the founder of a large technology company and a small grunge cosmetics company. She  now spends her time contemplating cow and the scourge which is industrialized, chemical agriculture and she love it!  She is also the author of a now-obsolete dictionary of terms related to digital music, and the translator/editor of an old book on carriage driving.  None of the above qualifies her to write this novel, but she hopes you will buy it anyway as all profits from her Second Impressions go to The Chawton House Library, a non-profit resource for the study of English women’s writing to support students and research of women writers, pre-1830, writing in English, world-wide.

The book
Written in the idiom of Austen’s time, Second Impressions is a story of the Darcy family, their friends, and relations.  It has been ten years’ time since that happiest of days when Mrs. Bennet got rid of her two most deserving daughters.  What does Elizabeth do all day at Pemberly? Has Lady Catherine been allowed to visit? Have Mr. and Mrs. Wickham become, as Jane Bennet predicted, steady and rational? What about England’s most eligible daughter, Georgiana Darcy? Even Anne de Bourgh has a life after P&P.
With the Great French War over and peace come, at least, what doesEnglandlook like in the late Regency? Is there a place for Austen’s heroes and heroines in anEnglandgreatly changed by industrializations, a new elite of fortunes made in trade, and reformist politics? It may be safely conjectured that Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy are settled and happy, as are Jane and her Bingley, Austen left the protagonists finished and complete (or are they?), but there are other characters, other lives, and other loves to explore.

The author

To know more about Ava Farmer (aka Sandy Lerner) watch this video from Fox News or this one below from the Morgan Library.

Remember, if you buy Second Impressions, you help  The Chawton House Library!

You can meet the author Wednesday, January 25, 2012  Time: 5:30 PM–7:30 PM 
 Virginia Shop at The Library of Virginia 


Anonymous said...

Very interesting what she says about Austen's use of language in the Morgan Library video. It makes me curious about this book.
I am also intrigued by the phrase "I know what cows are thinking" in the other video ;-)


Anonymous said...

The quote should be: "I can tell what cows are thinking"...

Alexa Adams said...

Love it! An intriguing bit of JAFF and a worth cause. How can one go wrong?