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Dear readers and Jane Austen aficionados,

We're thrilled to have the talented author Amanda Kai with us today to celebrate the release of her latest literary delight, "Miss Bingley and the Baron." As we open the pages of her enchanting story, we're transported to the world of Regency romance, where love blossoms under the veil of disguise and false pretenses.

Amanda's tale, which can be enjoyed as a standalone or as a companion to her earlier novel "Not In Want of a Wife," promises to captivate your heart. What happens when Caroline Bingley sets her sights on a wealthy baron, only to discover that he's not who he seems to be? This delightful spring and summer romance unfolds with a touch of mystery and a dash of intrigue.

Join us in this exclusive journey into the pages of "Miss Bingley and the Baron" as Amanda Kai shares an excerpt from her novel, and stay tuned for an exciting giveaway to celebrate this release.

Don't miss out on this literary adventure that combines Jane Austen's world with Amanda Kai's unique storytelling. Welcome, Amanda! MG💕

Amanda Kai's Guest Post

Hi Maria Grazia, it’s always a pleasure to be here at My Jane Austen Book Club. Thanks for helping me celebrate the release of Miss Bingley and the Baron!

This story is a companion to my earlier novel Not In Want of a Wife- a Pride and Prejudice Variation, but it can be enjoyed as a standalone.

I love Regency romances where somebody falls in love under false pretenses or under some sort of disguise. So when I had the idea to make Caroline Bingley fall in love with somebody who she thought was a gardener, but was actually a baron in disguise, I thought to myself “this is exactly the sort of story I would gobble up!” My hope is that you will too.

This tale takes place in the spring and summer of 1812. Caroline goes up to Scarborough with Mr. and Mrs. Hurst just after Bingley and Jane’s wedding. Almost immediately, she sets her sights on capturing the wealthy baron next door. She meets a man on the baron’s estate whom she presumes to be one of his gardeners, not knowing that he is actually the baron himself.

Lord Theodore Connally has been leery of fortune hunters ever since an overzealous lady tried to trap him into marriage. Worried that Miss Bingley will be the same, Theo decides to test her by trading places with his best friend, the gardener’s son, who is to become a clergyman.


Read an excerpt

The sun was still low when Theo began work on the pear orchard. He knew that his two under gardeners ought to be doing this sort of thing, but as usual, they were slacking off, nowhere to be seen on the grounds, and he had no inclination to bang on their cottage doors and wake them. He meant to replace Bill and Jack soon, and hire additional men to assist Mr. Hodge with the restorations to the grounds. He had plans to design a country garden like those he had seen in Ireland, and to add a water feature. Additionally, he hoped to manage the orchard and harvest a good crop this year. Too long had it lain overgrown, bearing almost no fruit, and what little fruit it bore left to rot on the trees. With proper care, he knew he could make it beautiful and fruitful again. This was the first order of business, to ready the trees for a summer harvest before they blossomed.

Theo was up on a ladder, pruning a pear tree, when he spotted a glimpse of yellow coming towards him. The lady seemed exhausted and wet.

Did she come from the beach?

He had already been down to the beach earlier that morning, and knew it must be about high tide by now. He wondered what a lady might be doing all alone on such a morning, and where she could have come from. She did not seem to notice him as she pecked her way through the rows of pear trees, trying to avoid being scratched. He watched her remove her cap in frustration after it got caught on a particularly long branch. A tumble of red curls fell out of her coif. Theo felt his breath hitch.

Miss Bingley! At least, he presumed her to be Miss Bingley. He supposed it could be her sister, or perhaps even her maid- which might account for her state of dress- but it was clearly the redheaded woman he had seen in the carriage the day before. As she passed by his ladder, he called out. “I say there, what are you doing here?”

Startled, the woman looked around, then up into the tree, where she finally spotted him.

“Sir! You gave me a fright. What do you mean by hiding up in that tree?”

“I am pruning it. But you have yet to answer my question. Why are you trespassing?”

She pushed her shoulders back and stuck her chin out indignantly. “I am merely passing through. I was walking along the beach, but got caught by the tide, and so was forced to seek higher ground for my safety. I had no choice but to trespass. I am sure that your master would not deny a lady safe passage through his land in such an instance.”

“My master?”

“Yes, the man who owns this land. Lord Conrad, or whatever his name is. The baron.”

She thinks I am a servant, Theo realized. He supposed, dressed as he was and performing a servant’s work, he should expect nothing less.

“Do you think that your master would want his gardener scaring a lady off of his land when she needed safety?”

Theo descended the ladder to face her. “Madam, you are welcome to pass through Lord Connally’s land.” He looked to see if her cheeks would redden at his correction, but her face remained as proud as ever. “You were down by the beach, you say? You must have walked a long way. Where are you headed?”

“I seek the lane, that I might find my way back to Fairclough Hall.”

“If it is Fairclough you are bound for, then that way would be more direct.” He pointed. “The lane is long and indirect. It will take you two miles to return by that route. If you cut through the orchard, you will find yourself in the moors which border Fairclough in half the time. A small gate exists between the properties, built some generations ago as a mark of friendship between the two families.” He neglected to tell her that the gate was long in disuse, had been locked, and that she would probably have to climb the wall to get over it.

“Thank you, sir. Pass on my regards to your master, and thank him for allowing me to trespass. I can assure you, it will not happen again.”

“Take care, Madam, should you find yourself walking the beach again. As you have seen, the tides here can be dangerous.”

He expected some reply, but she had already set off in the heading he had given. It was only after she was too far to see that he realized she had not even given him her name.

 Miss Bingley and the Baron is now available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.


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About the author

Amanda Kai’s love of period dramas and classic literature inspires her historical romances and other romances.  She is the author of several stories inspired by Jane Austen, including Not In Want of a Wife, Elizabeth’s Secret Admirer, and Marriage and Ministry.  Prior to becoming an author, Amanda enjoyed a successful career as a professional harpist, and danced ballet for twenty years. When she’s not diving into the realm of her imagination, Amanda lives out her own happily ever after in Texas with her husband and three children.

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Charlotte said...

Oh what fun Amanda !! Stories of mistaken identities are some of my favorites too. I think it will be so easy to fall in love with your gardening Baron. I simply have to know what happens next with him and Caroline but also the garden plans themselfs :) Please count me in for all except the ebooks, do not have an ereader.