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To combine the Regency with  parallel paranormal worlds has become a steady and successful reality it seems. Mashup they are called in the fan fiction market and they appeal to both readers who even happen to ignore who Jane Austen was and what her world was like as well as Janeites fond of gothic tales. Will the mashup trend also win new fans over and bring them to read Austen novels? I really hope so.
Mary Lydon Simonsen, after publishing more traditional sequels to Pride and Prejudice like Searching for Pemberley and The Perfect Bride for Mr Darcy,  decided to have a try at writing an original paranormal novel following the trend of "Mr. Darcy, Vampyre" by Amanda Grange (35,000 copies sold!).  The result is this fresh diverting story in which the characters of Pride and Prejudice quite naturally interact with the mysterious and fascinating world of werewolves. 
"As soon as he saw the fire and candles, he froze, and Lizzy froze as well. His eyes darted back and forth, scanning the room, and her heart went into her throat. She barely managed to croak out, "Mr Darcy, it is Elizabeth". But rather than her voice reassuring him, and he told her to come into the light. "What are you doing here?" he asked in an emotionless voice that contrasted sharply with the fire in his eyes. "I'm very sorry, sir. I have made a mistake." She started t walk backwards, but before she could reach the door, he grabbed her roughly by her arm. Now she was truly frightened. "(p. 58)
Mr Darcy with a lean and hungry look ? You can bet on  that.
However, before I go further on, you must know that  I'm not a fan of paranormal, gothic, horror, mystery, ghost stories. I avoid reading them as much as I can. Moreover, I have never read a mash-up of this kind,  combining Austen characters with paranormal events and characters. Hence, you're not going to read the opinions of an expert or of a fan.

That said,  if someone picks up this novel expecting  Darcy to be a steamy, beasty  werewolf, they will be disappointed with the very sober scenes in which they will learn that Darcy is definitely able to resist his strong instincts. He is an "almost" perfect gentleman, as he "almost" always was. Darcy is here strong tempered, sexy and romantic at the same time. He must disappear every month for a couple of days for there is no denying that the full moon seems to be affecting his behaviour and  Elizabeth's love is going to be tested in ways she never dreamed ...
This time Darcy has more than family pride to protect: he is also the leader of a pack and is responsible for others of his kind.
Elizabeth has got a charming gorgeous rival in Lady Helen and this makes everything spicier: Lady Helen seems determined to get Darcy all for herself. After the initial shocking discovery about Darcy's past and present hidden nature,  Lizzy is puzzled and frightened but she will react and fight back because she doesn't want to lose the man she loves either. She will fight back with her smart wit and her ingenuity.

I especially liked Mary Lydon Simonsen's humorous style.  She is good with words and there are very amusing pages in this novel, for instance those describing Elizabeth and Darcy engaged in  their inevitable skirmishes. It is a delightful paranormal romance that will appeal to mashup fans and to those loving Austen sequels with a new take on familiar events. 

The official date for the release of Mr Darcy's Bite is October 4th. Tomorrow! You'll find it in Paperback  or Kindle edition

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AReadingNurse said...

I have read pretty much everything Ms. Simonson has written including her self published Kindle titles! Each and everyone has been a treat and I am looking forward to reading this as well!

MonicaP said...

I would so love to win this book! Mary's stories are all great. Love the idea of a paranormal P&P.

mpgottaloveme @

Literary Chanteuse said...

P & P combined with paranormal sounds very interesting! I'm very curious to read this! Thanks!


Susan Adriani said...

MG, I remember reading this story back when Mary posted it online, and am eager to read it again. Her writing is just lovely, for so many reasons, and her wit always present. She's one of my favorite authors in the Austen Genre, and that's saying something! I'm very excited for her - this release has been riddled with trying moments. Congratulations, Mary!


Mary Simonsen said...

Thank you, Asatooriana, Monica, and Margaret, for your kind words.

Susan, Thanks for stopping by. Much appreciated.

Unknown said...

Congratulations on the release of your book! Look forward to reading a new P&P story with just the right paranormal influence for the season.
Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

Mary Simonsen said...

Sophia Rose, Thank you for stopping by.

BeckyC said...

I love all things Mary and can't wait to dive into her werewolf world! Congratulations, Mary!!

Anonymous said...

Love Jane Austen, love paranormal.


Carolyn Crist said...

This is too fun. Mary, I'd love to post a little something on the Vicariously Jane Austen website if you have time for a short e-mail interview!

crist (dot) carolyn (at) gmail (dot) com

cyn209 said...

many congrats & good luck to you, Mary, on Mr Darcy's Undoing!!!

thank you for the giveaway!!!