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Hello and welcome to Mr Darcy's Promise Blog Hop! I hope you remember Jeanna Ellsworth and her P&P - inspired book. "Both" were my guests here at My Jane Austen Book Club not long ago (check out my interview HERE). Jeanna has now invited me to join the fun of a Valentine's Blog Hop to give you all,  dear readers, the chance to buy her novel at an extraordinarily cheap price or  to win and read her Mr Darcy's Promise

Here are your chances:

1. Purchase an ebook copy of Mr. Darcy's Promise. Send proof that you purchased the e-book of Mr. Darcy’s Promise for 99¢ from Amazon or Amazon UK during February 8-14, 2014. 

2Forward your confirmation email or a screen shot or a photo of a receipt, or you can even copy/paste the confirmation email in the body of an email and send it to You will be entered to win signed paperback copies of Mr. Darcy's Promise and the upcoming Pride & Persistence. You have until February 18 to send in the proof of purchase.
3.  Enter to win a paperback copy (U.S. only) or the ebook edition (International) here on My Jane Austen Book Club by filling out the Rafflecopter form below this post.

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Your can start reading the book hopping from blog to blog. You'll find a section of chapter 1 on each of these post:



Mr. Wickham bowed over Elizabeth’s hand but his eyes never left hers. “It is a pleasure, Miss Elizabeth.”

Elizabeth could feel his gaze burrow deep into her and suddenly she felt embarrassed and flattered at the same time. She peered into his gorgeous blue eyes until Jane’s cough reminded her to look elsewhere. Fresh tea was ordered and the guests were seated. Lydia was all giggles and laughter, but Wickham seemed to handle the attentions well. Elizabeth caught him looking at her numerous times with the most charming smile, his eyes bright and cheerful. Much different from when Mr. Darcy regarded her with disdain! 

“Mr. Wickham, how long will the militia be in Meryton?” Jane asked.

“I am not certain, madam. We came just a few weeks ago and we usually stay encamped in one area for three to four months. Or so I am told. I have just joined myself.”

“And how to do you find the people and town?” Elizabeth asked.

“I find the town grand, but not so grand that one would miss the beauties it holds,” he said, looking directly at Elizabeth.
Lydia took his arm then and giggled, “Oh Mr. Wickham, you are too charming! Lizzy, did you know Mr. Denny is a favorite with Colonel Forster?”
Elizabeth turned her attention to the other officer, “Is that so, Mr. Denny?”
Mr. Wickham spoke up and said, “Yes, his charms have even affected Forster’s wife! I for one, see no need to flirt with married ladies when there are so many pleasant unmarried ladies to be acquainted with.” He gave Elizabeth a dazzling smile.
Elizabeth blushed to find herself under his piercing gaze, again feeling oddly flattered. How could she find a man she barely knew to be so devilishly handsome and charming? He continued to humor and stare with admiration at Elizabeth, all the while with his hands on Lydia’s arm which was still neatly tucked into his. Could Wickham find her attractive?
The officers took their leave and bowed again over the hands of the ladies. Wickham again kept his eyes on Elizabeth as he bowed over her hand and whispered, “Miss Elizabeth, I look forward to seeing you soon. The time apart is sure to be pleasurable only to the extent that now I have memories of you to keep me from being lonely.”
Trying to find her voice again she said, “Thank you, but I advise you hurry back to camp, Mr. Wickham. You seem to be in danger of needing to be warned that the weather looks like rain.” Weather was always a safe topic and wit was a far easier defense than any other. She had learned a few things from her father.
“Why, I think you are right, Miss Elizabeth. Perhaps we shall meet again on a clearer day.” He and Denny turned and left, leaving Elizabeth with a pounding heart and a very strange look coming from Jane.
She did not need Jane’s interrogation on the charming Wickham, for she did not know what to think of it herself! “Not now,” she mouthed to Jane.
(go on reading at Royal Reviews on February 14)

About the book: Mr Darcy's Promise

Jane Austen’s classic Regency story comes alive again in a tale of pride, prejudice, and a promise. Georgiana Darcy makes her way to Netherfield Park to meet the woman her brother so admires. While at first Georgiana’s presence smooths the course of true love between Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy, the ghosts of her past appear to wreak havoc on all of them. Unhappily, Elizabeth finds herself placed in the care of the Darcy family at Pemberley. Assuming he knows the cause of Elizabeth’s distress, Mr. Darcy makes a promise on his gentleman’s honor. The promise, although made with good intentions, becomes nearly impossible to keep for Mr. Darcy, and somewhat vexing for Elizabeth. Some promises are made to be broken but will the ever-trustworthy gentleman let go enough to secure Elizabeth’s heart?

About the author: Jeanna Ellsworth

Jeanna is a mother of three daughters, all of whom are well versed in all things Pride and Prejudice. She most definitely would say they are her best friends. She shares her best and worst days with them and they share theirs with her. She also proudly states she is the eighth of thirteen children. When she isn't scrapbooking, quilting, or cooking, she is thoroughly ignoring her house for a few hours at a time in order to read yet another fan fiction novel. Somewhere between being a mom, a sister, a cook, and a best friend, she squeezes in three 12 hour shifts a week as a Registered Nurse in a Neurological ICU. She raises chickens, helps her daughter run a rabbitry, and gardens as much as she can. In all her still-under-forty years, she has never claimed to be as happy as she is now. Out of this mindset came a surge of creativity that simply had to be written down. Since she finished Mr. Darcy's Promise, she has stated several times that she has gained something no one can take away from her; hope for her own Mr. Darcy. More than anything, she hopes to prepare her three best friends to look for their own Mr. Darcy and to settle for nothing less.

Jeanna Ellsworth's upcoming new book : Pride and Persistence! 
Undaunted by a threatening storm, Fitzwilliam Darcy of Pemberley insists he must deliver his letter to Miss Elizabeth Bennet–– then tragedy strikes. Riddled with guilt, Elizabeth comes to the aid of the comatose Mr. Darcy and stays by his side until he regains consciousness. She soon learns that although Mr. Darcy has awoken, he has not returned to himself. And with no memory of his first disastrous proposal, he has concluded that there is nothing he wants more than to propose to Miss Elizabeth.
This humorous journey of love leaves one asking, does persistence pacify prejudice? Can Elizabeth see the real gentleman behind the injury, a man who persists in professing his love to her every chance he gets? In this Regency variation of Jane Austen’s beloved Pride and Prejudice, Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet both learn the value of persistence.


Lúthien84 said...

Hi Jeanna. This section of the excerpt made me curious as to Wickham's intentions to Elizabeth. She seemed so unsettled by his flirtatious manner. Can't wait to know what he has planned for her. Thanks for the giveaway.

Vesper said...

Well Elizabeth seems overwhelmed, I amsurprised that Lydia didn't notice Wickham'a attentions to Lizzy

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hello; no plans yet

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Hello, Jeanna!

about 18" of snow, so we'll try to go out on Saturday instead.

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Welcome Jeanna Ellsworth – I enjoyed reading your interview. Happy Valentine’s Day weekend!

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