Friday, 20 November 2015


A very heartfelt thanks to Maria Grazia for her gracious welcome to join her and you all at My Jane Austen Book Club.

In 1997 the Miramax Production of ‘Emma’showed me with such clarity a higher quality lifestyle. She enchanted me and I fell head over heels in love with him, nothing could be further from my own life than this beautiful movie. Mesmerized I grew my hair long and started making choices in my thoughts and atmosphere which reflected the values I refined upon.

Poetic license lit up my mind since I’m in the midst of publishing my own book of poetry ‘Sunstar’. 

Book of Poetry, Emma & Mr. Knightley from Juliet Vonturi on Vimeo.

I came up with this concept of ‘Emma calls Mr. Knightley’ to play with the imaginative realm of blossoming romance and our modern life. One of my inspirations is Poppy de Villeneuve’s Vimeo Le Sirenuse, her call to her mother from her honeymoon on the Amalfi coast is singularly different with a richer more authentic emotional context. I admire this.

I believe friendship is the foundation of long-lasting romance, the kind of connection of admiration, respect and honour one feels for those we share our genuine souls, the ones who witness who we truly are. I believe in the intimacy of eternal love.

The top 5 people who make the most witty, fabulous Austenesque style remarks either on my Emma Vimeos or via social media about my project (just send me screenshots of your engaging posts) receive the choice of one of my gorgeous Pearlescent watercolour silkscreen gifts or a lovely Silk bookmark for your favoured reading.

Here’s the link to my page and to my vimeo channel


Juliet Vonturi

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