Sunday 12 March 2017


Good morning, Maria Grazia, and thank you for hosting the launch post of my first JAFF blog tour for my latest release, Caroline, Pride & Prejudice Continued… Book One. As you can tell from the title, I wrote a book about the much vilified Caroline Bingley and provided her with a new romantic interest. In light of this venture, I wanted to share with readers my very own Dreamcast for my story. What fun it was to put this eclectic group of actors together, (read that as much time spent on Google, sighing over images of handsome men), and I hope it leaves readers with the desire to learn more about my merry troupe characters!

I have written other romance stories, but this is my first foray into the Regency era and with this in mind, I wanted to convey a sense of who these characters are with regard to their looks as well as in their own styles. Pride and Prejudice has been adapted for the screen and stage so many times, that I think that most Austen fans have in their minds a version of each central character that is influenced by these adaptations, as well as created from the images based on their own various reading experiences. It is my hope that my Dreamcast resonates with the readers of Caroline and helps them to create their own lovely images of these characters throughout the story!

“Books belong to their readers.” John Green

I chose Kelly Reilly as Caroline Bingley because of all the P&P variations I’ve watched, she is the one I always saw as the true Miss Bingley. Just enough charm and beauty to think she could rule the world.

When I began to write Lord Nathan, I knew I wanted him to be tall, to have an easy grace. He was confident, yet not cocky. I kept picturing Tristan from Stardust, hence Charlie Cox is who I chose for Nathan Kerr.

Anna Maxwell for Louisa. I looked for the actress that played Cassandra from “Becoming Jane” because I wanted Caroline’s sister to have similar features. 

Chloe Mortez is how I envisioned Miss Darcy. Fresh and beautiful, everything a young miss coming out into Society should be. 

And then there is Maxwell. Isn’t he handsome? I was looking at the cast of characters from previous Jane Austen adaptations and came across Tom Mison.  

My first introduction to him was as Bingley from the ‘Lost in Austen’ adaptation. Far too blonde to be my Duke of Adborough, but when I saw him as Ichabod Crane… yup – there he was, and it doesn’t hurt that he could pass as Nathan’s brother. How fortuitous for me.

I’d love to hear your readers thoughts about my Dreamcast, along with their own ideas for casting these characters. The possibilities are fascinating, aren’t they? 

Sue Barr

Book Description

Whatever happened to Caroline Bingley after her brother and unrequited love interest married a Bennet sister? Join me in this story of redemptive love and the healing of broken dreams.

Caroline Bingley, beyond frustrated with her brother, Charles and Mr. Darcy both proposing to the Bennet sisters, dreads their upcoming nuptials. For three years, her sole focus has been on attaining a marriage proposal from one Fitzwilliam Darcy of Pemberley, only to be foiled by a country miss with ‘fine eyes’.  Adrift and not sure of her place in life, she meets the mysterious and devastatingly handsome Lord Nathan, who equally vexes and intrigues her.

Lord Nathan Kerr, third in line to a Dukedom, had a well-earned reputation as a Rake. He cast all that and his noble title aside to become Mr. Darcy’s vicar in Kympton, finding contentment in leading his small flock and doing the Lord’s work. His plan for a quiet, country life is thrown into upheaval when he meets the fiery Miss Bingley. Can he reconcile his rising desire for the spoiled miss with how a vicar’s wife ‘should’ behave?

 About the Author  

Sue Barr resides in beautiful Southwestern Ontario with her retired Air Force hubby, two sons and their families. She’s also an indentured servant to three cats and has been known to rescue a kitten or two, or three…in an attempt to keep her ‘cat-lady-in-training’ status current. Although, she has deviated from appointed path and rescued a few dogs as well.

Sue is a member of Romance Writers of America and their affiliate chapter, Love, Hope and Faith as well as American Christian Fiction Writers.

For more information about her other books, visit her website 


Three winners will receive a paperback copy of “Caroline” and a Jane Austen Journal and three separate winners will receive an ebook copy of this book. (All giveaways are open to  international winners.)

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Just Jane 1813 said...

Thank you for hosting the launch post for this tour, Maria! I look forward to seeing what your readers think of this Dreamcast!

Vesper said...

None of the twitter follows in the form work

Vesper said...

I like the - I declare after all there is no enjoyment like reading! .... quote from Caroline, pity she doesn't mean it.
I only recognise Louise and Caroline from your cast - but the two men are handsome

Just Jane 1813 said...

Thank you, Vesper, for helping me find an error in the Rafflecopter. Everything has been fixed and you are able to use all of the features in the Rafflecopter.

Thank you for your interest in "Caroline." I hope you enjoy this story!

Thank you, Maria, for working with me to get things working!!

Unknown said...

Hi Sue, congrats on your book launch! Love the cast that you have chosen and I am sure they will be in my mind's eye when I read the book!

Unknown said...

One of my favorite quotes is, "I should like balls infinitely better if they were carried on in a different manner." So true Caroline!

Anji said...

Love your Dreamcast Sue. Stardust is a favourite film of mine so casting Charlie Cox will always go down well. I'm actually halfway theough a re-watch of Lost in Austen and had half-forgotten how funny it is! I'd never have recognised Bingley in your photo.

My favourite scene from P&P featuring Caroline is at Netherfield, when she invites Elizabeth to "take a turn about the room". When she invites Darcy to join them, he makes that rather outrageous remark about admiring their figures better from where he's sitting.

darcybennett said...

Such a great premise, I look forward to reading. My favorite moment of Caroline Bingley is when she continues to interrupt Mr. Darcy as he writes a letter to his sister Georgiana to tell him to send her regards.

dstoutholcomb said...

Her face is too thin; her complexion has no brilliancy; and her features are not at all handsome. Her nose wants character—there is nothing marked in its lines. Her teeth are tolerable, but not out of the common way; and as for her eyes, which have sometimes been called so fine, I could never see anything extraordinary in them. They have a sharp, shrewish look, which I do not like at all; and in her air altogether there is a self-sufficiency without fashion, which is intolerable.

Pam Hunter said...

I like the cast very much, especially Tom Mison. He's gorgeous!

Congrats on the book! Thanks too for the giveaway!

bn100 said...

no fav scene

Jo's Daughter said...

I cannot think of a favorite scene. Caroline probably unjust, doesn't move me as much as Jane or Lizzy... Time to bring a change in that with Caroline's own story!! So please count me in, thanks!

Sue Barr said...

Thank you all for your kind comments.
I also was surprised at the changed look for Tom Mison. I brought up pictures of him as Bingley and Crane to make sure they had the right man!
Have a wonderful day, and don't forget to hug someone you love.

KateB said...

I love your Dreamcast, Sue. It looks like a great book, I love Caroline stories, especially with a good set-down. My favorite one is Darcy's confession about Elizabeth being 'one of the handsomest women of his acquaintance'.
Thanks for the giveaway. :)

Chelsea said...

I just recently read another Pride and Prejudice Sequel about Caroline Bingley that I really enjoyed and it helped me to see her in a new light so I am really intrigued and interested in seeing your interpretation of her character and look forward to reading this book.
Thank you for the giveaway and including paperback copies since I do not have an ereader.