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Thank you so much to Maria Grazia for allowing me the opportunity to stop by and say ‘hello’ to you all. My name is Tomi and I am an author who writes sweet, clean romance novels.

Aside from being an author, I’m also an avid reader of Regency and JA inspired stories.

When I sat down to write my latest novel, “The Great Austen Adventure,” I thought it would be fun to explore the types of fans we have in JA fandom. Little did I know that this story would take on a mind of its own.



It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a Jane Austen addict in possession of her books must be in want of a trip to Bath. And a her very own Mr. Darcy, of course.

Sabrina Hill, an administrative assistant from Texas, escapes her mundane life by fangirling with other Janeites over dreamy, fictional Austen men on a Jane Austen message board.

When an accidental blunder at work gets Sabrina fired, her plans to attend the Jane Austen Festival are thrown into chaos. One of her Jane Austen message-board friends helps her pick up the pieces by making her a once-in-a-lifetime offer she can’t refuse.

Sabrina heads to Italy, hoping to figure out her life before the festival. There, as if straight from the pages of a Jane Austen novel, Sabrina meets the mysterious and handsome wine merchant, Lorenzo. Sabrina soon learns that their lives are more interconnected than she ever thought possible, yet, getting to happily-ever-after is never as straightforward as one might wish.

What’s a Jane-Austen obsessed girl to do?


The book is available on Amazon and on Kindle Unlimited. It will be releasing in paperback later this month.


 In 2005, I stepped into a darkened cinema theater to watch the film Pride and Prejudice with my grandmother. Nan had always been a Janeite and had tried several times to get me to read JA’s works. Yet, I’d always had difficulty getting past the first chapter. The language felt so foreign and difficult for me to grasp.

  Yet, as soon as the film began, I was immediately drawn in. And after two and a half hours, my life was forever changed. I’d fallen head over heels in love with Lizzy and Mr. Darcy. That year, Nan gifted me my first set of JA novels. I devoured them. To this day, I remain a devoted fan.

 A Little About Me 

Writing has always been a passion of mine, yet until 2020, I’d never felt confident enough to ever show my stories to anyone. With a little encouragement from some friends, like Sabrina, I posted my stories on a JA message board and found so much support that I decided to continue writing.

 As much as I would love to someday make this a career, at the present moment in time, I am a tutor and am a full-time doctoral level student in history.

I am currently based in the US, but have previously spent some time living in the UK and in Japan. I love to travel, drink coffee, shop for pumpkin flavored foods, and spoil my cat.

You can find me at As well as on Instagram:@ tomitheauthor


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