Tuesday, 28 June 2011


At Home with the Georgians is an interesting series of programmes about homes in the Georgian Era. I've been watching it on  DVD and have posted my positive reaction briefly on Fly High!
I've also cut and pasted the Austen - related fragments in episode 1 , A Man's Place, in a short videoclip I called "At Home with Jane Austen" . You can watch it on my Utube Channel or here below. I hope you'll enjoy it.
The entire series is definitely worth seeing if you are interested in Jane Austen's World and the 18th century in general. The programmes are brilliantly  presented by Professor Amanda Vickery and are based on her successful book, Behind Closed Doors. The three issues in the DVD are 

1. A Man's Place
2. A Woman's Touch
3. Safe as Houses

Watch the video and enjoy!


maribea said...

She was holding Jane's desk in her hands!!!And such a small desk for such a great writer. She said that Jane must have been very happy in that house. Well, this is what happens with me: writing is my refuge and my happiness and when I'm happy I'm so fully of ideas. So yes, I think she was really happy or at least at peace there.

Laurie E. Lind said...

Oh, I also loved this series of programs and always watched them with great interest! Seems like you get a chance to peep into the life of Gregorian families with ll the surrounding romance. Awesome idea and awesome show, IMHO.