Monday 25 March 2013


Do you remember Kim Izzo, journalist and writer, author of The Jane Austen Marriage Manual who guestposted here at My Jane Austen Book Club sharing the report of her meeting with the one and only Mr Darcy, Colin Firth? No? Yes? Well, anyway, if you've missed it, have a look HERE
I  immediately thought she was a very lucky lady on that account, but today my conviction has even been made greater. Kim Izzo IS a very lucky, talented woman and her Austenesque marriage manual is going to be adapted . 
Canadian film producer David Cormican announces the acquisition of the rights to bring  Kim Izzo’s debut novel The Jane Austen Marriage Manual to the screen. 

Kim’s charming and witty first novel, The Jane Austen Marriage Manual – a must-read for Austen die-hards – explores the modern day love story with a meaningful message.  Izzo tells the story of Kate Shaw, an acting beauty editor at a fashion magazine who is about to turn forty.  

After gliding from contract to contract only to be told that, due to cutbacks, her services are no longer required, she finds herself single, homeless and desperate to help her family survive its own financial and emotional crises.  Known for her love of all things Jane Austen, Kate is tasked with a freelance gig that changes everything and asks the question: is it possible, in these modern times – and at a certain age – to marry well?  Finding herself caught between Mr. Rich and maybe Mr. Right, Kate must choose what she really wants out of life: to marry for money or marry for love.

This is Kim's first enthusiastic reaction to the news: I'm thrilled that my first novel, The Jane Austen Marriage Manual, is on its way to a screen-based adaptation. I'm looking forward to working with David and Tonya. The work of Jane Austen is timeless, and given that this year marks the 200th Anniversary of Pride and Prejudice, the timing couldn't be better."

David Cormican is an internationally recognized, award winning filmmaker and is currently partners with Don Carmody in a new television division operating under Don Carmody Productions. Previously, Cormican was a producing partner and Vice President of Development and Production for Minds Eye Entertainment.

Kim Izzo is the co-author of the internationally bestselling book The Fabulous Girl’s Guide to Decorum and its sequel, The Fabulous Girl’s Guide to Grace Under Pressure.  She has made numerous television and radio appearances includingOprah, The Today Show, The O’Reilly Factor and Canada AM.  Her advice and opinions have appeared in the pages of The New York Times Sunday Style section, InStyle, InStyle Weddings, Marie Claire, Glamour, Redbook, Cosmopolitan and Vogue (UK), to name a few.  Kim Izzo is currently deputy editor of Zoomer, a lifestyle magazine for men and women over forty.  Her byline has also appeared in The Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, Fashion, More, Flare and other publications.  She lives in Toronto.


Aurora said...

This is really exciting. Congratulations to Kim. I have her book and cannot wait to see the adaption.

williams said...

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