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What would Pride & Prejudice be like if Darcy and Elizabeth had a touch of magic in their lives?


Deleted Scene


This deleted scene starts with the familiar portion of the story where Caroline Bingley, desperate for Mr. Darcy’s attention, demands that Elizabeth walk about the room with her at Netherfield Park.

The stark contrast between the two became glaringly apparent the previous evening when he’d ignored Miss Bingley completely and read a book. With an abruptness, which startled everyone, she insisted Elizabeth parade about the room with her. In some small-minded way, she knew the only way his eyes would follow her was if Elizabeth remained tethered to her side. And they had. He’d unconsciously closed his book and watched them, appreciating how Elizabeth’s gown moved over her body, following every luscious line, caressing her skin like a lover. Upon noticing his attention, Miss Bingley immediately invited him to join them. Not trusting himself to stand so near his beloved, he’d politely declined and when Richard, the imp, interrupted his thoughts with a bawdy remark, he almost blurted out his affection but covered by saying the ladies had only but two motives for choosing to walk about and his joining them would only interfere.


Miss Bingley, believing she had finally captured his undivided attention, begged him to explain his comment.


You should have stayed silent cousin.


Aren’t you dining with Colonel Foster?


I am, but it’s much more fun to watch you fumble around Miss Bennet. Now you’ve created a conundrum.


If you hadn’t mentioned how the light of the fireplace illuminated Elizabeth’s figure, I’d have had better control of my thoughts.


He could still hear his cousin laughing even though Richard stopped their conversation. When Miss Bingley asked Elizabeth if she understood the meaning of Mr. Darcy’s comment, Elizabeth gave him a startled glance and self consciously smoothed her gown. She moved so she no longer stood in front of the fireplace and said, with only a slight quiver in her voice, “Not at all. I haven’t the slightest idea.”


“Oh, come now, Eliza. Where are your pert opinions when I require them the most?” Caroline asked.


Elizabeth turned her gaze from him back to Caroline. “I may not understand the meaning of Mr. Darcy’s comments, however illuminating they might be, but depend upon it, he means to be severe on us, and our surest way of disappointing him will be to ask nothing about it.”


Tension coiled about his spine. Her word choice was specific. Illuminating. First, she exhibited signs of not only remembering aspects of the dream he’d created in her mind and physically manifested the love bite he’d left on her collarbone, now she hinted at having heard his silent conversation with Richard. How was that possible? Dare he enter her dreams again as a means of unfolding the mystery that was Elizabeth Bennet? His body tightened at the mere thought of revisiting her without any physical restraints and then balked. No! He was a gentleman. He’d strayed once and would not do so again. He had to gain control of his emotions and find another way to assuage his curiosity.


I changed this scene back to the more time-honored version because I wasn’t ready for Elizabeth to realize she could commune solely with her mind. She does later on, but we learn that she has to have a close and trusting relationship with that person and the ability for sharing thoughts is something learned. A new muscle skill she needs to hone. Therefore, as Mr. Darcy hasn’t gained her trust, she wouldn’t have been able to ‘hear’ his thoughts.


Book Blurb


She’s the outcast in her family…


Elizabeth knows she’s different from the rest of her family. She has visions and strange dreams and sees things others do not. With the advent of the odious Mr. Darcy and his friends from Netherfield Park, as well as the amiable Mr. Wickham of the _____shire Militia, her powers seem to increase and her greatest fear is that she won’t be able to contain them and will be discovered.


He has eight hundred years of tradition to uphold…


No Darcy has married a non-magical woman since arriving on the shores of England with William the Conqueror in 1066.  However, his kind – Miatharans – are dwindling in numbers. Miatharan magic only flows through aristocratic blood lines, so his strange obsession with Miss Elizabeth Bennet is puzzling as she is not of noble blood. Just a country squire’s beautiful daughter who has him slowly becoming undone.


Fitzwilliam Darcy ~ Undone is available in Kindle Unlimited (Amazon) until Dec 12 when it will be released to other major digital retailers.



About the Author


‘The prairie dust is in my blood but no longer on my shoes.’


Although it’s been over forty-two years since Sue called Saskatchewan home, her roots to that straight-lined province and childhood friends run deep. The only thing strong enough to entice her to pack up and leave was love. When a handsome Air Force pilot met this small-town girl, he swept her off her feet and they embarked on a fantastic adventure which found them settled in beautiful Southwestern Ontario when hubby retired from the military and began his second career as an airline pilot.


Sue started writing in 2009 and sold her first manuscript in 2010. Always a reader of Regency romance, she discovered Jane Austen Fan Fiction in 2014 and almost immediately wanted to know – Whatever happened to Caroline Bingley after her brother and Mr. Darcy became engaged to a Bennet sister? From that question, her first JAFF book was launched.


In her spare time, Sue cans and preserves her own food, cooks almost everything from scratch and grows herbs to dehydrate. Her latest venture is to create her own spice seasonings, experiment with artisan breads and make her own homemade vanilla. Hubby has no complaints other than his jeans keep shrinking. At least that’s what he claims…. Her sons, their wives and all seven grandchildren don’t mind this slight obsession either.





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