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I've read so many positive reviews of her books that I'm very happy  Jan Hahn is here on My Jane Austen Book Club as my guest to tell you about her latest release, The Journey. There's a giveaway linked to this post. Read through it. You'll find all the details at the end.

Jan Hahn is fascinated by all things Austen, the 19th Century, and true love.  Having spent many years in the world of business, she is now content to leave it behind and concentrate on her true interestwriting about Austen’s characters finding true love in the 19th Century.  She is blessed with a large, loving family who tolerates and supports her obsession.  Although she is a native Texan, Jan doesn’t live on a ranch, can’t ride a horse, and doesn’t own a pair of cowboy boots.  She will admit to being cursed with a definite Texas drawl.

Jan’s first novel, An Arranged Marriage, recently won the award for Best Indie book of 2011 from Austinprose.  Her second book, The Journey, has just been released.  Both books are available at Amazon   and Barnes & Noble online.

Thank you, Maria, for inviting me to post on your lovely site about my new book, The Journey.  Of all Jane Austen’s writings, Pride and Prejudice is my favorite, and I never grow tired of discussing Elizabeth and Darcy with fellow devotees.

I have always admired those who are able to write sequels to Pride and Prejudice.  I’ve sketched out several such storylines, but for some reason, I’m unable to create a plot that goes anywhere.  Instead, variations of the original story take over my imagination.  There are many places in Austen’s narrative where the characters may take an alternate path, and it becomes an entirely new account.  All of these paths, of course, lead to the ultimate question for Darcy and Elizabeth:  Will they or won’t they end up together?  And for me, that is my delight.  It’s all about the chase.

A popular place for writers to vary the story is in Kent around the time Darcy makes his first dreadful proposal to Elizabeth.  It seems to be a natural jumping off spot.  I used it in my first book, An Arranged Marriage.  Mr. Bennet died immediately thereafter, plunging Elizabeth and her family into poverty, thus creating the need for a marriage of convenience. 

The Journey begins earlier in Austen’s story, not long after the Netherfield ball.  After refusing Mr. Collins’s proposal and to escape her mother’s disappointment, Elizabeth sets out on a trip to visit the Gardiners in London.  Unfortunately, she is forced to suffer the trials of traveling not only with Bingley’s sisters but Darcy himself.   Thus far, Elizabeth knows nothing of Darcy other than his arrogant behavior and Wickham’s lies.  Naturally, her opinion of him is quite poor.  Suddenly, the carriage is abruptly stopped, and a menacing cry rings out. “Stand and deliver!”

By the early 1800s, the scourge of highwaymen had abated in England somewhat, but remnants of the blight still existed.  In The Journey, we meet Nate Morgan—the blonde, handsome, leader of the gang that holds up the carriage.  As if robbery isn’t bad enough, things grow worse when Morgan decides to seize Elizabeth for his amusement.  Darcy offers himself as hostage in her place, but when his proposal fails to secure Elizabeth’s release, he makes a shocking declarationElizabeth is his wife!

Abducted for ransom by the highwaymen and taken to a remote cabin in the woods, Elizabeth and Darcy are forced to act as husband and wife and rely upon each other for their survival.  At a time when a woman’s future could be ruined by the slightest hint of scandal, Elizabeth’s reputation will depend not only upon the actions of Darcy but Morgan as well.  The fateful journey embarked upon that day changes the lives of all three characters forever.

I like to read and write stories of Elizabeth and Darcy that contain a great number of scenes where they interact.  Whether sparring in conversation, quarreling outright, or falling in love, I want them to experience an abundance of togetherness.  If the plot dictates that they spend time apart, I understand the necessity, but I long for their reunion.  When I first considered writing The Journey, I was intrigued by the idea of locking the couple in a room together with no one to talk to but each other.  Of course, I needed a reason for their seclusion, and voilà!a band of highwaymen appeared before me with one handsome rogue in particular who would be attracted to Elizabeth.

Bad boys make an appearance in all of Austen’s books.  From Wickham to Willoughby to Frank Churchill, they often arrive quite charming and amiable.  Their true nature is hidden, and it takes time for all to be revealed. From the beginning of The Journey, Nate Morgan is clearly a bad boy but not without charisma.  His appeal lies in the possibility of redemption, and that’s a seductive temptation for any woman.  Needless to say, I thoroughly enjoyed creating the character.

Who’s your favorite Austen bad boy and why?  Is it Henry Crawford, John Willoughby, George Wickham, Frank Churchill, William Walter Elliot, John Thorpe, or even the fearful General Tilney?  Is there anyone in particular that you’d like to see redeemed?  Writers are always searching for new inspiration.  Perhaps your idea might stimulate a brand new book.

Thank you for the interest you have shown in An Arranged Marriage.  I hope you will enjoy traveling on The Journey with Darcy and Elizabeth.
 Jan Hahn

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Giveaway Details

1 autographed paperback copy of The Journey limited to US and Canada.  

1 e-book copy of The Journey open to all countries

Leave your comment  and don't forget to add which country you live in  and your e-mail address. This giveaway contest ends on February 18th. 


Linda said...

I live in the USA and would like to enter for the print copy of this novel. It sounds great. As to bad boys, it would be a toss-up between Willoughby and Wickham - both so arrogant and manipulative. Thanks for the giveaway.

Kelli H. said...

Oh I am intrigued! Thank you for the wonderful giveaway!! My favorite bad boy would have to be Frank Churchill. (I love all things Emma.) While he did make some bad boy choices, I don't believe he's all THAT bad!!=)

I'm in the US!

Sue said...

I really liked An Arranged Marriage so I am looking forward to this one! As for favorite bad boy, I think I would go with Mr Elliot. While he was a snake, I think he did actually care for Anne.

I am in the US and would do print or the e-book.

MonicaP said...

This story sounds amazing! I love the idea of them trapped together. My favorite bad boy is Henry Crawford. I think he did care for Fanny and was much less malicious than his sister.

I'm in the US
monicaperry00 at gmail dot com
Thank you for the giveaway!

Araminta18 said...

Ooh, a trapped Lizzy and Darcy? that sounds like a perfect recipe for intrigue and romance! :) As for my favorite Austen bad boy, I think it's John Thorpe--I love to hate him, he's so skeezy!
Thanks for the giveaway--I live in the US.
My email is araminta18 at gmail dot com.

Lady Disdain said...

"The Journey" does sound intriguing. I'd have to say my favorite bad boy is Henry Crawford. I really believe if Fanny had married him he would have been a completely different man.
I live in New Zealand =)

BeckyC said...

My copy of An Arranged Marriage arrived in the mail today. After seeing many reviews, I just had to buy it. I am excited your second novel is also released! I can't wait to dive in. Thank you for the giveaway. I am in the US, but would be thrilled with PB or ebook.

cyn209 said...

what an interesting twist!!! already on my WishList!!!

thank you for the giveaway!!! i'm in the US......

cyn209 at juno dot com

Sophia Rose said...

What an exciting 'what if'! I like the premise. As to your question, I've always been one of those who wondered if Fanny could have redeemed Henry Crawford if she had said yes to him.

Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.
US resident

Heather M. said...

This book sounds like an exciting ride! The Nate Morgan character has really piqued my interest. My favorite bad boy is Willoughby, which is interesting since S&S is not my favorite Austen work.

Thank you for the giveaway.

Jan Hahn said...

Thank you, Linda, Kelli, Sue, Monica, Araminta, Lady Disdain (love your name!), Becky, Cyn, Sophia Rose, and Heather for your comments! So far, Henry Crawford is ahead in this bad boy poll. I, too, would like to see him redeemed, perhaps because I'm not too fond of Fanny's Edmund.

Nina Benneton said...

Oh, no, not Henry Crawford!

I'd vote for John Thorpe. Nothing worse than a man who's always yapping about his carriage and horse and doesn't take 'no's' for answer,

Jami said...

Thank you so much for the opportunity to win this book! I read your last book, more like devoured it, and I am such a fan! My favorite film interpretation is the BBC one with Jennifer Ehle and Colin Firth, and I could just see the actors coming alive with your words. You really did justice to Jane Austen's beloved characters, and it's obvious you love them by the way you took care of them! I've read so many variations, and yours just struck a chord with me! Favorite Austen bad boy would just have to be Wickham; he's so slimy. I would love to get inside his little head. Like, when did he become "bad"? There had to be a turning point. I live in the US and would love the e-book! I just got a kindle for Christmas, and it's my preferred way to read now! Thank you again for the chance to be entered into this fun drawing!! Cannot wait to see how your new story unfolds!!

BeckyC said...

ps Almost done reading Arranged Marriage. Can't put it down. Loving it!!

Jan Hahn said...

Thank you, Nina, Jami, and Becky! Nina, I can't stand John Thorpe either. Jami and Becky, I'm thrilled that you like An Arranged Marriage. I hope you have fun with The Journey, too.

Literary Chanteuse said...

Sounds like a lovely series. I would love to read them! Thank you for the giveaway!



Rita Watts said...


I am so impressed with your creativity...and happy you share it with us. I can't wait to put my hands on this story. If I don't win I will have to buy, of course. I believe "An Arranged Marriage" was one of the first variations I read and it is still my favorite. From beginning to finish I could picture Colin & Jennifer and that means a lot to me! Some books you just can't so far they stray from the original characters. Wow, to have Colin & Jennifer locked up somewhere it would be just delicious. Can't wait!

Ah, my favorite bad boy is Willoughby. He is so charming and lovely and passionate. I would love to see him redeemed. I would love to see him realize money and a state can not replace true love. I also Col. Brandon and believe he deserves that is as in love with him as he is with her. Ok! I guess that's it.

Thank you for the giveaway! My e-mail is

Carolina Cordeiro said...

I'm from the Azores - Portugal, and I'm not sure if I'm still on for the giveaway, but the story line for The journey reminded me of two books I've read (Rainy Days and The Lost Duke of Wyndham) and had a real pleasure in reading them and I'm pretty much sure I'd love to read this one. So, I can't wait to read it and have as much pleasure in discovering what Darcy and Elizabeth will discover once their "by themselves". :)