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I'm so very happy to welcome Suzan Lauder back to My Jane Austen Book Club and to kick off  a new Blog Tour for her just released  Austen-inspired novel, The Barrister's Bride. Ready to discover more? Just scroll down and enjoy. Oh! And good luck in the giveaway contest! MG

About the Book

A pact that will change their lives forever…

Fitzwilliam Darcy is a successful young barrister with a bright future. His late uncle has guided his career, made him his heir, and even selected a bride for him—sight unseen—whom he’ll meet and marry upon her majority. Who could have predicted that making the acquaintance of Miss Elizabeth Bennet in Meryton would throw those careful plans into disarray?

Elizabeth Bennet doesn’t know what to make of “Fitz” Darcy, who intrigues and draws her notice like no other. Despite Fitzwilliam’s warnings, she allows Mr. George Darcy, Fitzwilliam’s older brother and master of Pemberley, to charm her. Little does she know that she, too, has been promised in marriage by her late father—to an unknown barrister, no less. What is she to do when her hopes to marry for love disappear in the blink of an eye?

Is George Darcy’s suit in earnest? Can this mysterious bridegroom of her father’s choosing become the husband of her dreams? With the danger of duels and deceit, what will come of the initial attraction between her and Fitzwilliam? Will she become the barrister’s bride?

Note: contains scenes with adult content

From author Suzan Lauder

I am pleased to be a guest on  My Jane Austen Book Club  with an exclusive excerpt from The Barrister’s Bride. I have a special place in my heart for this blog as it has started most of my books’ blog tours, and Maria Grazia is a most gracious host.

In this excerpt, it’s the autumn of 1811, and George Darcy and George Wickham have come into Meryton drunk and threaten to stay. Fitzwilliam “Fitz” Darcy is staying at Netherfield with Charles Bingley, and he doesn’t want thevisitors to corrupt the Bennets. George Darcy tells the other men that Fitz is already betrothed, a surprise to Bingley. This part of the book is from Fitz’s point of view.

Suzan Lauder



Bingley let out a bark of amusement, “Ha. If Fitz is betrothed, so am I.” Sarcasm was not Bingley’s style, but he managed to convey his disbelief just the same.

Fitz wiped his hand over his face. Damn George to hell! No one other than his brother knew of the letter, and the information contained within was supposed to remain in confidence until June. At any rate, that is what Fitz had hoped. George had discovered the information not long ago himself, and Fitz rued the day he disclosed the arranged betrothal. He had meant to stop George's incessant questioning, but in his misfortune had blurted the story when George enquired whether his preferences were similar to those of Uncle David Darcy. Fitz was not inclined to use ladies like his brother, and George could not understand self-restraint.

George now laughed while he stood with one hand on Wickham’s shoulder and the other on his cane. Despite the aid, he was still unsteady. “I am not telling tales. Fitz is caught in the parson’s mousetrap. Furthermore, Fitz is not required to follow through if he is not interested in the lady.Damn brother of mine is too honourable for his own good.”George muttered the last under his breath yet loud enough for the men to hear.

“Did the wench trap you?” asked Carter.

His brother waved his hands in front of him. “Nothing of the sort. Fitz was pledged and agreed to it in his predictable, noble way. Such ill luck to be the decent brother.”

Fitz scratched his head. George thought well of his agreement to follow the restrictions of the letter? He must make light of it or George’s outlook would be noticed, and an inordinate amount of attention would be paid him as a result. “My compliance is a question of honour. In any case, the agreement provides me with a bride at no inconvenience to me.”

Mr. Denny shrugged. “Unless she is ugly or poor, the proposition is not an unreasonable one, I suppose.”

“She is neither as far as reports go,” said George, “though we have never seen the girl. This is one of those situations where the marriage has been arranged for them, sight unseen.”

With a smirk, Wickham slapped Fitz on the back. “Then delay meeting her for a while so you can enjoy bachelorhood, eh, Fitz? In the meantime, you must practise with diligence to ensure you know how to be a good husband.” He elbowed George, whose instability meant he had to grasp Wickham to keep from falling.

“Hey there, stop that!”

“My apologies, old boy. Now, were we not about to go drinking?”

“Of course! We have been hindered long enough!” George and Wickham turned and continued towards the inn with an unsteady gait. Denny and Carter followed behind.

Before Bingley joined them, he stared for a moment at Fitz with one brow raised and his lips pursed. His friend would want to hear the story in its entirety later—more than what the busybodies of Meryton would learn and share. No doubt, Bingley would enquire of the lady’s name. That would be a disappointment to them both. Fitz desired more than anything to know her identity, and June was over eight months away! The expectation of the wedding was neither good nor terrible; over the last few years, he had become accustomed to devoting his future to this girl. The problem was what to do of the notice from others? Each time the secret was revealed, those present offered him a pointed attention he despised. If only he possessed some form of power to entice his brother and Wickham to forget. Now that he could enjoy!



About the Author: Suzan Lauder

A lover of Jane Austen, Regency period research and costuming, yoga, fitness, home renovation, design, sustainability, and independent travel, cat mom Suzan Lauder keeps busy even when she’s not writing novels based on Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, all of which are published by Meryton Press.

She and Mr. Suze and their rescue tabby split their time between a loft condo overlooking the Salish Sea and a 150-year-old Spanish colonial casita in Mexico. Suzan’s lively prose can be found on her Facebook author page,; on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest as @SuzanLauder; and on her Meryton Press blog, road trips with the redhead 

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L.L. Diamond said...

George Darcy and George Wickham's friendship is concerning. What could those two get up to together? Congratulations, Suzan!

Janet T said...

Thank you for kicking off the blog tour, Maria!

I loved Bingley's comment and reaction! Two George's do not sound like a good mix ever! I enjoyed the excerpt, Suzan! Thank you for sharing!

Kelly M. said...

Poor Fitz! Two Georges to give him double the trouble! Enticing excerpt! Thank you for sharing! And what gorgeous swag! :)

Suzan Lauder said...

Thanks for your early comments, Leslie, Janet, and Kelly! I appreciate your warm wishes. Thanks for hosting, Maria!

Fitz has his hands full with the two Georges, and Bings isn't sure what to make of it all.

Be sure to enter the Rafflecopter draw. Meryton Press is once again giving away e-books, and this time, I'm offering the Author Prize. In addition to the items in the photo, it comes with a personalized signed paperback of The Barrister's Bride, and the drawing is international.

Anonymous said...

Oh the dilemmas of duty! Poor Mr. Darcy having to deal with both Wickham and a loser big brother. This should prove interesting!

Anonymous said...

Oh this story sounds fun!!!

Vesper said...

The two Georges sound like they will cause some problems

John Smith said...

Congratulations to the author on the fun new book!

Eva said...

I am looking forward to reading this book. Thank you for the two giveaways.

SamH. said...

This is in my kindle list to read and I am looking forward to it!
Congratz on your release!

Suzan Lauder said...

Thanks for the comments, Anonymous 1 and Anonymous 2, Vesper, John, Eva, and Sam. I'm glad you stopped by Maria's blog, and she was so gracious as to host. It's going to be an interesting drawing with 6 ebooks and the Author's Prize! Best of luck to you all!

Mary Preston said...

A must read for me. I loved the excerpt.

darcybennett said...

What an intriguing premise. I love that there is another Mr Darcy involved as you can never have too many:)

Suzan Lauder said...

Thanks for your comments, Mary and darcybennet. I'm pleased that you both were taken by the book so far. I hope darcybennet doesn't mind George Darcy.

bn100 said...

nice cover

Suzan Lauder said...

On behalf of Janet Taylor, the cover artist and blog tour coordinator, thank you, bn100! Best of luck!

Buturot said...

I wonder if FD dreads because he longs for true love or he is not yet ready to marry or afraid what personality his bride-to-be has.

Also wonder why these 2 Georges are in Meryton? Are they following FD?

Thank you for the excerpt and the giveaway. looking forward to reading the story

Jeanna Massman said...

I love the cover! It really sets the stage for the book.

Suzan Lauder said...

Buturot, those are some good conjectures. I can just imagine your mind going when you read a book. You must enjoy it a great deal.

Jeanna, Janet Taylor always suits the cover to the story and makes the cover so special that it catches the reader's attention and says "Buy Me." It's a great talent.

Thank you both for commenting.

beyond acatalepsy said...

How is Clever Fox partnered publishing service?