Monday, 13 September 2010


Jane Austen Country is the latest addition to my Austen DVD collection. It makes you take a tour around the English landscape and see the lovely locations that inspired Jane's novels. From the beautiful Hampshire countryside of her birth, follow in Jane's footsteps to the West Country city of Bath and discover what she really thoughtabout the high society that frequented its fine public buildings. Watching it, you will also visit the seaside splendour of Lyme Regis, the great hliday favourite with the Austen familyand then witness the rural charm of Chawton Cottage, Jane's own beloved home that is now a museum dedicated to her life and works. Above everything else, Jane Austen was a great countrywoman at heart, making this DVD an absolute must for both lovers of literature and the English countryside.
Although this DVD touchesupon Jane Austen's literary abilities, it is in factfar more concerned with the great lady herself and her fascinating life at a time in England's history when Gerogian elegance was at it's most graceful.
When Jane Austen, the daughter of a country clergyman, was born in the picturesque village of Steventon in Hampshire in December 177, few people could have guessed the impact she would have on the world of literature. With just six completed novels. Jane Austen is one of the rare collection of classic authors to have remained popular throughout the ages and the places where she lived and that provided the settings for her unforgettable tales are now the destination of thousands of worshipping admirers.Waiting to actually visit them, don't miss the occasion to go on this beautiful tour with plenty of awesome images, beautiful music (played and  recorded from Jane Austen's manuscript scores) as well as  rich and thorough information about Jane, her family, life, thoughts, works.

This DVD can be conveniently bought  with other 3 DVDs related to great English writers. If you are interested have a look HERE. Running time: 55 min.

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