Sunday, 16 January 2011


October 2011 will mark the bicentenary of the publication of Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility. This is why My Jane Austen Book Club wants to  dedicate a special space to the celebration and discussion of Austen's first achievement as a published writer. I have invited some expert Janeites to contribute to the discussion and they have kindly and generously accepted . Katherine at November's Autumn  and Gaskell Blog contributed the cute button on the left. Each month a guest will deal with a theme, a character, a topic somehow linked to Sense and Sensibility. The discussion will be open to you all with your comments, questions and suggestions. There will be a monthly giveaway and you will have the chance to win a book or DVD connected to our celebration. Here's the schedule of our  virtual meetings. Take notes.

1. January          Jennifer Becton    Men, Marriage and Money in Sense and Sensibility

2. February      Alexa Adams        Sense and Sensibility on Film

3. March          C. Allyn Pierson   Property and Inheritance Law in S &S

4. April             Beth Pattillo        Lost in Sense and Sensibility

5. May             Jane Odiwe        Willoughby: a rogue on trial

6. June             Deb @JASNA Vermont  Secrets in Sense and Sensibility

7. July              Laurie Viera Rigler   Interview with Lucy Steele

8. August         Regina Jeffers     Settling for the Compromise Marriage

9. September   Lynn Shepherd The origins of S&S: Richardson, Jane Austen, Elinore & Marianne                                        

10. October      Meredith @Austenesque Reviews   Sense and Sensibility Fan Fiction

11. November  Vic @Jane Austen's World  Mr Palmer discusses his fellow minor characters

12. December Laurel Ann @Austenprose  Marianne Dashwood: A passion for dead Leaves and other Sensibilities                


Regina Jeffers said...

I am very excited to be a part of this celebration of Austen's first literary endeavor. It will be great fun, and we will all learn something new on Austen and the Regency time period.

Anonymous said...

It sounds delightful!Thank you so much for this interesting iniciative!!

I'm sure it would be a real success^^
I cannot wait to learn more and more about our Jane world !

Best wishes from Spain


Juliet Archer said...

Great programme - something for everyone!

Margay Leah Justice said...

This will be fun! Would love to read a modern take on Sense and Sensibility.


Nancy Kelley said...

Ah, lovely. I can't wait to read the posts all year long--it'll be like 12 extra breakout sessions for the AGM! Thanks for hosting this, Maria.

Jane Odiwe said...

This is such fun, Maria! Thank you for including me in your fabulous event!

Claudia said...

I'm looking forward to getting into the Sense And Sensibility Celebration!It sounds great!


Linda said...

Looking forward to the coming months. Thanks for coordinating what promises to be a great Jane Austen year.

Unknown said...

A friend just suggested this site to me - so excited for the S&S focus!

Adriana Sales Zardini said...

Lovely idea!

Alison said...

I am so glad to have stumbled onto this blog. What a great idea!

Bex said...

Looking forward to reading these future writings on my favorite Jane Austen novel! They will give me news ways to think about the story, characters and writing. :)

Anonymous said...

What a fabulous programme with some highly recognisable names. Really looking forward to observing it unfold.