Friday, 18 November 2011


After being published in the US,  "The Unexpected Miss Bennet" by Patrice Sarath has been released in the US by Penguin Group USA. The copy the American publishers granted the readers of My Jane Austen Book Club has been won by  

Sophia Rose !!!

Thanks to Patrice Sarath for being my kind guest again and to all of you who entered the giveaway contest.

The book

Pride and Prejudice's Mary Bennet gets her own story...

The third of five daughters, Miss Mary Bennet is a rather unremarkable girl. With her countenance being somewhere between plain and pretty and in possession of no great accomplishments, few expect the third Bennet daughter to attract a respectable man. But although she is shy and would much prefer to keep her nose stuck in a book, Mary is uncertain she wants to meekly follow the path to spinsterhood set before her.
Determined that Mary should have a chance at happiness, the elder Bennet sisters concoct a plan. Lizzy invites Mary to visit at Pemberley, hoping to give her sister a place to grow and make new acquaintances. But it is only when Mary strikes out independently that she can attempt to become accomplished in her own right. And in a family renowned for its remarkable Misses, Mary Bennet may turn out to be the most wholly unexpected of them all...


Sophia Rose said...

Oh yeah! I am so excited. This looks like such a good read. Thank you for hosting the giveaway Maria.

cyn209 said...

congrats, SophiaRose!!!!! HappyReading!!!

Patrice Sarath said...

Congratulations Sophia Rose! I hope you enjoy Miss Bennet. And I love your name -- how elegant and pretty.

All the best,

Patrice Sarath