Monday, 16 December 2013


“What would my life have been like without Jane Austen?” 

Life without Jane Austen wouldn't be nearly as cozy, charming, witty, or wry. Technology is wonderful, but it comes at a price. Jane lets us remember a time when precious minutes were set aside to pen a heartfelt letter. A time when afternoon tea was a quiet, daily ritual. A time when a visit from the right gentleman was a thrill and his fleeting smile the stuff of young ladies' daydreams. Jane wrote of romance and love and trust, and all the nuances of getting it right versus getting it wrong. She wrote happily ever afters, full of wit and laughter and hope. In short, Jane wrote of all the best things, and I delight in visiting the world she created as much as possible. The influence of Jane's continued popularity in our modern world can only be a good thing.


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Alyssa Goodnight's writing has been described as clever, quirky, captivating and delightful. She's currently working on a magical, romantic trilogy.
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Jo's Daughter said...

I still enjoy writing (and getting) handwritten heartfelt letters. They always have a sense of magic, seeing a lovedones handwriting on the envelop makes me smile already & thats before I read the message :D