Monday 16 December 2013


What would your life have been without Jane Austen? 

I can honestly say that my life would be completely different if Jane Austen was not a part of it. I wouldn’t be a book blogger, for one, since I started just so I could review Austenesque novels (though I now review everything). Without my blog, I wouldn’t have met so many amazing people, some of whom have become good friends and many of whom share a common love of all things Jane Austen. Aside from blogging, Jane Austen has never failed to make me smile, even on the most difficult of days.
Trying to imagine my life without Jane Austen is like trying to imagine a life where I’m not me. She is directly to blame for my overly-developed romantic streak, my love of ballroom dancing and my obsession with polisyllabic words and flowery phrases. So many of my memories of the past seven years, since the first time I watched the Pride & Prejudice mini-series, have involved her works in some way. Mr. Darcy was my first love, and Captain Wentworth was my second, embodying all of the romantic ideals a teenage girl could wish for.
So, what would life be like without Jane Austen? Dull, very dull indeed. It hardly bears thinking of, don’t you agree?

Natalie Richards, better known on the internet as Lieder Madchen, is a fanatical reader with lofty dreams of authordom. She created her blog, Songs & Stories, nearly five years ago. She lives in Oregon with her large family and a barn full of goats and chickens (ducks are soon to come). Natalie currently has 25,000 words written of an Austenesque novel of her own.

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Jo's Daughter said...

Don't like the sound of a life without Jane either. I wouldn't be interested in the Regency era & I would never be able to dream of Pemberley...

Happy walker said...

happy birthday ~~~

Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary)

Lúthien84 said...

Your story is somewhat similar to mine. I completely agree that my life will be totally different and I can't bear imagining it. Why not don't you come and read my story on my blog? I'm waiting to hear what Janeites have to say on this.

Sophia Rose said...

Life would definitely be dull without Jane and her books and her legacy. Thanks for sharing, Natalie!

Ashlee Rolfson said...

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