Monday, 2 December 2013


Dear friends,

Jane Austen's birthday is coming soon, in two weeks,  and, as we did in the past few years, we would like to celebrate the occasion here at My Jane Austen Book Club. Let's  share our love and esteem for our beloved author! You are all invited.  Don't forget it, write it down in your agenda and, on 16 December, drop in from time to time: I'll be posting all day long.
You  readers will have the occasion to meet again old Janeite friends and,  maybe,  make new ones. Moreover,  there will be prizes to win in a great giveaway. Does it sound fun enough?

I've asked many friends to share their love answering  the question: "What would my life have been without Jane Austen"? 
I'll be the first to answer in a short post which will open the event at 0.01 a.m. GMT on Monday night, 16 December 2013.
Lots of other contributions will ensue for 24 hours,  along with a great giveaway contest that will end on 23 December and will be open internationally. Will you join us? Will  you answer the question yourself? You can do it in the comments you'll leave below the posts you'll like the most here at My Jane Austen Book Club or you can decide to post about the event on your own blog. Write to me if you want to join the fun or use our graphics on your site. 

I hope everything's clear but, if it isn't, just remember to stay tuned and check up My Jane Austen Book Club facebook page for updatings.

Credits to talented Cecilia Latella for the lovely banners of the event. She is also the designer of the graphics of my blog. Have a look at her page.


Mary Jane Hathaway said...

I'm SO EXCITED! Dear Jane is worthy of an entire month, but we shall celebrate her perfectly on the 16th! See you there!

Mary Jane Hathaway

Pride, Prejudice, and Cheese Grits
Emma, Mr. Knightley, and Chili-Slaw Dogs

Maria Grazia said...

We actually celebrate her all year long here, Virginia. Lots of love from January to December. Thanks for joining the celebration!

Lúthien84 said...

Can I use the graphics from your post on my blog? I may decide to answer the question on my post on 16 December but it depends because I think I have answered it before. But I'll definitely join in the celebration on that day itself.

Thank you for always organising a blog event on Jane Austen's birthday. I look forward to it.

Maria Grazia said...

Of course you can use the graphics and post your answer on your blog, Luthien84.
We'll wait for your comments up here, too!
Thanks for your interest :-) MG

Cass Grafton said...

The graphics are lovely! I am looking forward to taking part to help celebrate dear Jane's birthday!

Sophia Rose said...

I was already planning a separate birthday celebration at our blog, but I will definitely stop by here to visit yours Maria.

ElizzyB said...

Posting today at our Anniversary Blog :)

Lúthien84 said...

My blog post will be live in about 3 minutes. I'll post the link on your blog post when yours go live, okay? I'm so excited!

WarmisunquAusten said...

Huff!!! For me, Jane Austen have been my salvation. I will be not fallen in a depressed and find a way to fill a lot time free. Although, I read Pride and Prejudice since many years before, so I read it again since four years, that I became myself a fan of your books and its fan fictions.
I will put your banner at my blog.
Thank you, Maria for the celebration of this event.

Anonymous said...

Whithout jane i would never have seen the romantic view of life and i would never had such beautiful dreams

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