Monday, 16 December 2013


 “What would my life have been like without Jane Austen?” 

I can't imagine a life without Jane Austen. She is the reason that I am now a full-time author. It was when I was visiting her cottage in Hampshire a few years ago that I came up with the idea of writing a trilogy about Jane Austen addicts - with each book set in a beautiful Austen location. Before I'd even finished writing the first story, I'd been offered my first book deal in the US and, since then, my books have been published in the UK, Russia and Finland. It's so exciting.
As well as the writing, there are the friends I have made through researching my books and attending events like the Jane Austen Festival in Bath and holidaying with 'Pride and Prejudice Tours'. Austen addicts have to be the nicest people in the world!
And, on a personal level, her novels have enriched my life in so many ways - they are beautiful love stories told with warmth and humour and I never tire of rereading them and watching the gorgeous film adaptations. I am truly an Austen addict!

Happy Birthday, Jane - you are the best Christmas present we could ever hope for!


* * *

Victoria Connelly is the author of the Austen Addicts series. Five of her books have been Kindle bestsellers and her first published novel was made into a film in Germany. She lives in a Georgian cottage in rural Suffolk with her artist husband and a family of rescue animals.

Twitter: @VictoriaDarcy

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Jo's Daughter said...

Loved your book A Weekend with Mr Darcy! Wish I'd meet my own Warwick soon ;D