Monday, 16 December 2013


Without Jane Austen, I would not have become captivated by all things Pride and Prejudice – especially Austen’s literate language and Elizabeth Bennet’s enlightened lifestyle, both of which inspire me to be more thoughtful about the way I speak and live. Reading Pride and Prejudice attuned my ear to a more inventive and entertaining use of conversation; it also helped me see that everyday activities can be life enhancing – a walk in the woods or a quiet cup of tea with a friend. Reading Jane Austen reminds me to slow down … to choose my words carefully and to appreciate the simple pleasures that define my daily life.


Kaelyn Caldwell is the author of How to Speak Like Jane Austen and Live Like Elizabeth Bennet, A Pride and Prejudice Primer, Your Guide to Livelier Language and a Lovelier Lifestyle, available for $4.99 wherever e-books are sold. For more information, please visit
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Jo's Daughter said...

I love Jane's use of language too, sadly I don't speak like her. Do quote her regulary but (somehow) it's not the same ;)

Unknown said...

I could definitely use some Elizabeth coaching!!

Lúthien84 said...

I too love Jane Austen's language and wittiness and how she put words without coming off as bad or insulting. I would love to speak like her and try to live my life like Elizabeth Bennet.